Apok Darr - Judgement Day (bb)

Points : 40
Other rewards : adornment
Static :
Minimum level :
Authors : Trax
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Last modified : 20112002


A hologram of a haggard looking general appears...

Good day, warrior!

I am general Jaro Vinh, Supreme Command Apok Darr Forces.
Our exhaustive war against the machines is nearly at an end. We
have broken through their defenses, and will soon achieve victory.
Negotiations with the Alliance have helped speed our progress,
providing humanitarian aid, and promising reconstructive assistance
after the war. However, something dreadful has just happened...

We have just learned that Nemisys is building a doomsday machine.
With defeat imminent, he will likely activate this weapon as soon
as defeat becomes inevitable. We need a brave warrior to penetrate
the Chayuuk complex and destroy Nemisys before the weapon is finished.

The life of an entire planet rests on you. Please seek me out and
join our cause...



First you have to go to the human base that has the battle neks. Then you need to go to Jaro Vinh he is 3d, e, nw, n from enter Type offer to aid Vihn, He will then tell you about the mission. You now need to get the screwdriver to remove the brain from the predator. It is like down, down, east, east from entrance, look at shelves take it. Now you have to kill the predator. To get to it you go from human base 4s, se, sw, s, 2s, 3w, 7s,w should be right there. It won't attack you because it is Malfunctioning. Kill it, enter carcass and unscrew casing. You now have the brain, so go out. You will be attacked, but Vinh rescues you, type 'go with vinh. You now find yourself in a room with Sgt. Nellis. Give the brain to him, wear helmet, then exit talk with the expl expert.

When you find him, 'ask Nal for list' for list of four components you need for the bombs. To get the syrup you need to go from the human base 3s, door, search crates. Then go out, n, e, d, and search shelves to get bottle of naphthalene. Then go up, w, 2n, enter the human base again. Go d, n grab bottle on counter (ammonia). Buy the grenade (the type of grenade varies). It can be bought from the grenade dispenser (2n, d, n, 2d, 2se, from bays).

Watch out a Rad-101 is hunting you, safe at the spaceport he can not enter the car. After you get the grenade you go to the explosives expert again. He is 2d, e, n, (?)d. Give all the components to him and he will give you two bombs to use. You have to go where you killed the predator unit and go e and enter building. You need to steal a codekey for the elevator. It should be set, 2s. There should be a maintenance droid. Just steal codekey from droid.

Now get good heals (lots) and heal up before you continue. Go 2n, nw push button, enter, slide codekey through reader, press 2, out, mount droid. The ride to the mountain takes a long time. Rad-101 can't hunt you down there. When the ride ends you have to watch out because guardians may be attacking you. Go n, 4ne, there should be a vindicator terminator here. Don't fight him you just go e, enter barge. After you get out of barge when it dumps you off you go e, s, 2se, e, swing chasm.

When you land you go ne, climb cables When you are on top you need to drop only one bomb. You will need the other one later. Once you drop the bomb you type 'set bomb' and get the hell out of there. Go d, s, s, s, swing chasm (should be there where you landed the first time from swinging). Go w, 2nw, n, w, enter barge, w, 2sw, se.

You may have to kill two Reapers to get past here. Keep heals ready. Also, again make sure you wear the helmet Sgt. Nellis gave you so you get instructions. Go se, s and there should be a dead end, a room with a blast wall. You need to drop the last bomb here, set bomb and run a couple of rooms away.

The blast wall is now gone, and a new direction is now available. Enter, and you are at the doomsday weapon.
Go 2up, get axe, down, press button rupture tank. You Die. although it's a soft kill you lose all your equipment and cash. Make sure you're not carrying your life savings around when you do this. To get your adornment you go to Jaro Vinh and he gives it.

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