Fortitude / Apok Darr - Build Rifle (ha)

Points : 2
Other rewards : 1500 experience
Static : yes
Minimum level : low (no killing)
Authors : Pval, Charles
Last change : new walkthrough version
Last modified : 23112002




Hyperjump to the apok solar, navigate to Apok Darr, board Fortitude, out, east, search crates (and if you're lucky you'll find the merr-sonn), press button (to summon elevator) enter elevator, press 2, out, east, examine wall, take barrel, west, press button, enter elevator, press 4, out, 4x east, north, open locker 1 through 4 to find 'A blaster stock'. Mount stock, mount barrel.

If you can't find the Merr-Sonn in the previous location (you can find 4 different items at the crates), the Kadyyyr guards on Apok Darr carry Merr-Sonns as well, but they're really tough for lower levels. Directions are: From Apoki bays: north, down, north, 2x down, southwest.

If you really want to do this mini, you could always check Apok's shop, maybe someone had a merr-sonn and sold it there, directions are: From Apoki bays: north, west, north, west, press button, enter car, press button, up, 2x east, northeast, list blaster; Merr-Sonn MNC-3 Assault Blaster (11760 credits).

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