Apok Darr - Flood Base (gc)

Points : 4
Other rewards : 58971 Xp at level 5, 1890 Credits
Static : yes
Minimum level :
Authors : Lsd, Pval, Windryder, Darkshadow, Geez
Last change : other rewards added, Need hints.
Last modified : 05102003


It is possible to flood Victory Base on Apok Darr



n, w, n, w, push button, enter car, push go, u, n, u, out, w, nw, n, n, n, stare at camera, d, d, d, e, e, get screwdriver, w, w, u, u, u, s, s, s, se, e, enter, d, s, d, open grating, shaft, w, 8*s, e, get splicer, w, 8*n, e, out, push button, enter car, push go, e, s, e, d, n, d, d, enter hatch, move lever, out, ne, ne;turn switch, sw, sw, u, unplug cable (must have negative alignment).

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