Apok Darr - Derust Ladder (ge)

Points : 2
Other rewards : 750 credits, 5000 exp
Static : yes
Minimum level : 1 (be quick to avoid hits)
Authors : Lsd, Pval, Picard
Last change : complete
Last modified : 23112002


There is a rusty ladder on Apok Darr. It is possible to derust it.


Q: Where is the damn ladder?
A: It's somewhere in the Victory Base

Q: I still can't find it...
A: Victory Base - A hallway... sub level. (u, n)

Q: What do I use to derust the ladder?
A: Rust-O

Q: Where could I possible find Rust-O?
A: Somewhere in an abandoned house

Q: Where?
A: On the battlefield. Try giving the cabinets in the abandoned house a closer look.


n, w, n, w, press button, enter car, press go, u, n, u, out, w, nw, n, e, examine walls, examine cabinets, open cabinet (you find a can of rust-o), w, s, se, e, enter, d, s, d, press button, enter car, push go, e, s, e, d, examine ladder, examine can, fix ladder

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