Apok Darr - Build Generator (gg)

Points : 5
Other rewards : 40k from the monsters
Static : yes
Minimum level : high (heavy killing)
Authors : Pval, Windryder
Last change : converted to html, need hints and (better) storyline.
Last modified : 23112002


Rumour is that guardians carry objects that combined form a powerful artefact.



You have to kill 4 heavy dudes and collect 4 items. That's basically it. From bays: n, w, n, w, press button, enter car, press go, u, e, e, enter crack, purchase password (remember it) enter <password>, n, u, e, path, e, enter rock, n, kill cocoon, d, s, kill cocoon, s, e, d, kill cocoon, u, n, w, w, n, d, kill cocoon. If you have the frame, dish, jewel and globe: assemble artefact.

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