Apok Darr - Salvation (gj)

Points : 8
Authors : Pval, Bambam, Drienf
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Last modified : 23112002


The ancient religious movement Syr Zuun have gathered information that Quatra Velle, the evil mate of Rapture, is hiding somewhere in Sankturi. Quatra Velle is known to be the keeper of the sacred Orb of Rapture. Therefore, Singh Quatt, the master of the Syr Zuun, seeks a wise adventurer who knows how to eliminate Quatra Velle with justified force and to bring salvation by conquering the Orb of Rapture.



Ride speeder, 3n, 2e, hospital, e, search desk for the key, w, n, closet and get box, out, s, out, 3w, 2n, temple, w, assist master, e, out, n, factory, search desk and get the key, 2n, closet and get the cord, out, 2s, out, 3s, 6e, ne, n, e, se, 3s, follow jolax to enter the pyramid.

Then go e, search nest, get jewel, e, 2d, search shelf, get jewel, then all up to Quatra Velle, strangle her, enter door, insert blue jewel, then "store orb" in the stasis box. After you're done here, return to Singh Quatt and give him the box.

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