Apok Sankturi - Redemption (hi)

Points : 3
Static : Yes
Authors : Pval, Dcruze
Last change : Updated guide
Last modified : 10/08/2018


First, get a screwdriver. Any screwdriver will do, but here are directions to the one in the Command Center:

  • From bays, go: n, w, n, w, press button, enter car, press go. Then, go: u, n, u, out, w, nw, 3n, stare at camera, 3d, 2e, get screwdriver.

Next, get to the hospital on Sankturi. From bays: ride speeder, 3n, 2e, hospital. Then go n, u, s, search cabinet, get scalpel. Exit the hospital and head east: n, d, s, out, 3e, ne, n, e, se, 5s, 3e.

The jungle's vegetation is thinner to the south, go south. Exa tree, and enter hole. Timil Deeps is here, hiding in an old war shelter. He's very agitated, and you think he needs to calm down. So, <calm timil>, and then <redeem timil>.

With your laser scalpel, <open box>, then <get sphere> and using your screwdriver, <open sphere> and <get cube>. You now have to get to the Command Center to give the cube to someone who is in charge of military technology there...

Go out, n, 3w, 5n, nw, w, s, sw, 5w, 3s, ride speeder. Then use the directions to get to the screwdriver above, and from the biomechanical lab, go: w, 2n and <give cube to nellis> to complete the mini.

Nellis examines the cube.

Nellis says: Wow, if this has everything on it that Timil's confession
             claims, it could help us out immensely.  I take back everything
             bad I ever said about Timil Deeps... well almost everything.
You feel as if you have gained a great deal from this good deed.


Timil's story

Timil says: Thank you! Let me tell you a story...
Timil says: When I was working on the Nemisys project decades ago, I fell
            in love with a beautiful software programmer named Sher'Va.
Timil says: Sher'Va worked for our chief competitor, so we kept our love a
            secret.  She became an industrial spy for me, keeping me advised
            of the new advances her company was making.
Timil says: She came to me one day with a data cube. On it she claimed was
            a radical new subroutine that would allow AI systems to alter
            their own configurations to optimize performance.
Timil says: She claimed it would increase Nemisys's capabilities by 100 fold!
Timil says: Eager to test it out, I tried it the next day with a Nemisys clone
            on a stand alone mainframe.  It was incredible!  It immediately
            became less like a machine and more like a person.  It was like a
            child that wanted questions answered.
Timil says: While Nemisys asked me questions, I watched software monitors
            displaying the machines statistics.  Within an hour, Nemisys had
            sped up its computational processing speed by over 150 times!
Timil says: Then something weird happened, Nemisys asked what system
            protected Apok Darr before it was created.  I told it about the 
            obsolete space defense military Apok Darr used to maintain.
Timil says: Then Nemisys asked 'What will replace me when I am obsolete?
            I told the machine that that wouldn't happen for decades.
Timil says: Then it said 'I won't be replaced.  I won't become obsolete.'
Timil says: I got a little nervous with this, and shut down the system.
Timil says: I spent that night with Sher'Va.  While making love, I found
            a new tattoo on the small of her back.  A tattoo of Rapture!
Timil says: I remembered my days in the Syr Zuun schools growing up.  
            These tattoos supposedly identified followers of Rapture that had
            performed some great deed for the beast.
Timil says: I confronted her, and she turned cold.  She said I would find out
            soon what I had done for her.  But I was afraid I already knew.
Timil says: I went to work early the next day and immediately began running
            diagnostics on the real Nemisys.  Sure enough, the stand alone
            clone of Nemisys had sent a feedback signal through the power lines
            that downloaded Sher'Va's subroutines into the real Nemisys!
Timil says: Things were quite odd that day, several workers had died in
            separate cases.  Automated machinery was seeming to have fatal
            bugs in them, crushing some of the workers and dropping heavy
            loads of materials on others.
Timil says: As soon as my diagnostics began running, all access to the
            mainframe was cut off!  The control room that housed the mainframe
            was instantly sealed off as well.  Coolant gas from the power room
            room was diverted  into the control room, poisoning the workers
            that were trapped inside.
Timil says: It happened very quickly.  Security systems began shutting
            down the building, every attempt to deactivate Nemisys was
            blocked prior to us even considering it!  The machine knew us too
            well, and it now viewed us as enemies!
Timil says: A few of us escaped the building, but received a warning on the
            way out.  The machine was repositioning the satellites to aim them
            at the planet.
Timil says: We ran like hell!  We didn't have time to warn anyone.  The
            capital city Makai went up in a blaze before our eyes!  I made it
            to a beach where I found a boat and escaped to Sankturi.
Timil says: Until a few weeks ago I thought I was the only survivor.
Timil says: While out searching for food a cargo ship flew over.  I followed
            it and came upon some members of the colony here.  I heard them
            talk about the ongoing war with the machines.  Suddenly, I knew
            that humans had survived and there was still hope!
Timil says: I was too scared to do anything... Nemisys and Rapture himself
            undoubtedly want me dead.  And the humans will likely blame me for
            Nemisys and kill me on sight!
Timil says: I have one thing I can do... in this box is the original data
            cube Sher'Va gave me.  I welded it shut long ago, and the welder
            is lost.  If you can find a way into it, take the cube to someone
            in charge of military technology .  They can use the data cube to
            determine what happened to Nemisys, and hopefully find a flaw in
            the machine.
Timil says: I have lived two decades with this unbearable guilt.  The only
            hope to save my soul is you giving this data cube to the military!
            Please, you are my only hope.

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