Apok Sankturi - Gauntlet (hj)

Points : 2
Other rewards : 10,000 experience
Static : No (you have to anticipate to what you see)
Minimum level : 15+ (no killing, but you will take a couple of hard blows)
Authors : Pval, Drienf, Dcruze
Last change : complete
Last modified : 02/08/2018


According to Apoki mythology special daggers were forced to kill the Lynthera, the secret guards of Rapture. Rumour goes that one of these special blades is to be found at the Pyramid in Sankturi. If you are interested in this methodology, don't get your hopes up... This is certainly not one of those Indiana Jones guided tours...


Q: Why can't I enter?

A: Sankturi is for both high and low levels. Low levels are protected from being killed by big traps or big NPCs. You don't need protection? Then press the red button and say your prayers.

Q: Help, I can't move!

A: Inside the Gauntlet a haunted ghost will follow and attack you. It has a stun attack, which will last for a couple of heartbeats. Watch your hp and bring good healings.


  • ride speeder, 3n, 5e, ne, n, e, se, 3s, follow jolax, 2e, 4d;
  • Do not try to kill the assassin coming up, instead get to the altar room ASAP.
  • If you die whilst doing the Gauntlet, it will be a soft death.
  • Now go east and then direction north, northwest or northeast until dead end, there "shake hand", the assassin will cease his attacks and you can pick up the dagger.
  • Next hurry back again, since balls of fire will be hurled at you.

Each room you enter on the way back will hold a trap:

  • if trap is aimed at head: duck
  • if trap is aimed at body: dodge
  • if trap is aimed at legs: jump

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