Apok Darr - No FATE (hm)

Points : 3
Authors : Lsd, Dcruze
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Last modified : 10/08/2018


From bays, go: n, w, n, w, press button, enter car, press go. Wait for the ride to finish, then: u, n, u, out, w. You have to find either a grey or gold codekey before you can proceed, you have a couple of options:

  • You can keep searching corpses on the battlefield to the southwest until you find one.
  • Or, try searching the shelves in the human medical research lab in the Command Center to the north; from the war-torn road, go: nw, 3n, stare camera, 3d, 2w, search shelves.

When you have the codekey, from the war-torn road, go: nw, 3n, stare camera, 2d, e, slide codekey through reader, s. Now, exa bunkbeds, search bunkbeds, get spike. Then go: n, w, d, e, 2n and <give spike to nellis>. He will send you on a mission to upload a virus into the FATE towers...

Nellis takes the spike and loads it with some data.

Nellis says: I have something you can do for me!
Nellis says: I just coded a virus onto this data spike.
Nellis says: If you can find the control center for the FATE towers
Nellis says: used on the battlefield, upload this virus into them!
Nellis says: It will force the ammunition load to detonate, which
Nellis says: will destroy the towers!

Nellis gives the coded data spike back to you.

Now, head: 2s, w, 3u, 3s, se, sw, 3s, 3w, 7s, building. You'll be inside the Nyuprol Building. Get an elevator codekey from one of the droids, go: sw, 2s and either kill the droid or try to <steal codekey from droid>. Then go 2n, ne, press button, enter elevator, slide codekey through reader, press -2. Wait until you get to the subway floor and then go out.

If you have completed the Judgement Day mission, you can <ride transport> here, otherwise you will have to <mount droid> to travel to Chayuuk Mountain...

When you get to the mountain, go: n, 3ne, e and depending on your circumstances, either <press button> to use the Cargo Cannon or <enter barge> to use the barge.

On the other side of the ledge, go: e, s, 2se, e and <swing chasm>. Then go nw, and try to steal the key from the droid. When you have the titanium maintenance key, head n, ne and <swing chasm> to get to the other side.

Now go, e, 2se, s, e and you will be in a Control Room. To complete the mini: exa screen, exa computer, exa hatch, open hatch, <exa hatch> again, and finally <upload spike>.

You insert the spike to begin the upload process.

Almost immediately an alarm sounds and the screen changes.
You have succeeded, the FATE system is now offline!
You have gained much from this experience.


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