Apok Darr / Oppressor - Rebel Messenger (he)

Points : 3
Other rewards : Credits
Static : Yes
Authors : Pval, Dcruze
Last change : Updated guide
Last modified : 10/08/2018


Jump to the Asylum solar and board the Oppressor. From the Fighter bay, go 6e, press button and enter the elevator. Now, <press 2> to go to the second level. Exit the elevator and kill the engineer for his datapad. Head back to the fourth level and go 5w. Enter the elevator here and go to the second level, exit then go east and kill the stormtrooper. When he's dead, <read papers>, and note the code for the detention cells.

Go to the third level, exit the elevator then go east and kill the stormtrooper here. When he dies, he will drop a silver key. Return to the elevator, <turn key in keyhole> and then go to the fifth level. Exit the elevator, kill the detention guard, type the code from earlier and go east. There is a wounded rebel officer here being interrogated by an interrogation droid. Kill the droid and listen to what the officer has to say...

The officer mumbles: I have to tell Admiral Tallon about what happened.
The officer sighs: I wish some good soul could ask me about my message.

Now <ask officer about message>, he will need a datapad, so <give datapad to officer>.

The rebel officer exclaims: Great!
The rebel officer excitedly enters something into the datapad.
The rebel officer gives the datapad back to you.
The rebel officer says: Just deliver that to Admiral Tallon.
The rebel officer says: I'm sure he'll reward you for your service.	

Return to the Fighter bay, get in your ship and hyperjump to Apok Darr. From bays, go n, d, n, 2d, 2sw, and then <give pad to admiral> to complete the mini.

Admiral Tallon quickly checks the contents of the datapad.
Admiral Tallon smiles happily and puts the datapad in a pocket
in his uniform.
Admiral Tallon says: Thank you for bringing me this important message.
Admiral Tallon gives you 3000 credits.
You feel that you have gained some experience.


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