Apok Darr Heals

On this page you will find specifics on each planets heals (drinks, food, drugs and other).  All directions are from the port unless noted.

The Trailblazer Lounge: n, d, n, d, d, nw, nw

Three drinks total are on sale at any one time, one of each price.

Name Price HPs Type
Vintage Alderaan WINE 200 drink
R'Alla Spiced SHOT 200 30 drink
Flameout EXTREME 200 drink
Spiced SAARGOM 125 drink
R'Alla GOLD 125 drink
Sullustian COOLER 40 drink
Rrargl PUNCH  40 drink

Victory Base Hospital: n, e, e

Paramedic says: For the proper fee, I can heal any wound for you.
These are my prices:
1. 20 Hp's repair....................160 credits.
2. 40 Hp's repair....................320 credits.
3. Complete healing (upto 200 hps)...8 creds per Hp.

Current supplies are at 100% of capacity.

Note: Complete healings only available above 65 Hps of damage.

Just press button one, two, or three to get healed.

The Corral: n, w, n, w, press button, enter, go, u, e, e, s

Name Price HPs Type
can of Cyberbeer 16 drink
Nyev'tan Tea 100 drink
silvery brew (shifter) 175 drink
Eradicator (rad) 200 45 drink
Dead's Revenge 60 16 drink
Armageddon 900 drink
Rampage!!! (tm) 75 0 sober

small machine: n, w, n, w, press button, enter, go, u, n, up, out, w, nw, door

Name Price HPs Type
Rush Bar 100 food
Zoom Bar 220 food

From Kills:

Name Price HPs Type
vespid thorax Kill 30 drug
queen vespid thorax Kill drug

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