Death Star / Tatooine - Death Star plans

Points : 2
Other rewards :
Static : no (mild randomness)
Minimum level : ? (some killing)
Authors : Barnabus, Pval
Last change : Layout changes. Please add more hints, min. level info and if there are other rewards!
Last modified : 06042003


The Empire is looking for the R2-droid that Princess Leia put the plans for the Death Star in... You can help them by finding R2-D2 and bring him to Agent Dezix on the Death Star. Before finding R2-D2 the first problem is getting to Agent Dezix as he is on level 5 of the Death Star and that is a restricted area. To trick the system you need a Stormtrooper uniform.


Q: How can I get the uniform?


  • In the research area some testing is being done on a prototype, you may be able to attain it.
  • In the crew quarters you should be able to find some equipment amongst some troopers' personal belongings.
  • In the storage area are a number of vehicles, AT-ATs, AT-STs, tanks, landspeeders, etc. In one of them some equipment can be found.
  • In the medical station some trooper may have forgotten his equipment.
  • In the Recreation area you might find some equipment at one of the simulations.
  • You might be able to find some used equipment in the trash somewhere, e.g. in the mess hall.


Go to level 5 - you will need to do part of A new hope (no script yet) and assemble the uniform for this - with R2D2 (enter the sand crawler on Tatooine, s, exa r2, give 1000 credits to Jawa, remove fragment, go to Obi-Wan's house. Now you can board the Death Star)

From the turbo lift: push button, e, n, w, nw, w, push button, n, e.

Agent Dezix will take R2D2 away, and you will be rewarded with 2 mps, and if you surrender to the guards in Latem, you will not lose your equipment.

  •  The Stormtrooper uniform consists of six pieces: five pieces of armour and a weapon. Luckily all pieces can be 'found' on the Death Star. Wear it all, wield the rifle and you'll be able to go to level 5.

The White set is only AC 4 and you need it to get access to areas on the Death Star. All parts are worn by the Imperial Speeder Bike Patrol at Despayre and by the guards at the Imperial Base at Despayre. Some pieces can be found on the troopers inside the Oppressor, which orbits Asylum. It's also possible to get the pieces on Death Star itself:

  • Prototype stormtrooper armour: from bays: n, press button, ne, nw, exa keypad, remove cover, short keypad, press button, w, exa equipment, exa armour, steal armour.
  • White Armour Gloves: Kill the engineer in the tank in the storage area (n, w from bays) to get a spanner and a maintenance card, with the maintenance card you can activate the AT-ST, aim and fire at the hatch in the landspeeder which you can then open and enter. In the speeder remove the dashboard to reveal a secret compartment containing white armour gloves.
  • White Armour utility belt: On the third level from lift go: e, n, w, w, sw, sw, w, exa chair, take belt, kill trooper.
  • White Armour boots: On the third level from lift go: e, se, e, press button, e, n, open locket 1-18. It is in one of the lockers.
  • White Armour helmet: On the third level from lift go: e, se, e, ne, press button, e, e, e, s, s, enter door 3, exa bike, take helmet.
  • A heavy blaster rifle: On the third level from lift go: e, se, press button, sw, exa grate, break grate, enter grate. You are in the garbage disposal unit (remember episode4? Exa garbage, take comm-unit, exa comm-unit, press button. Some spam will start about you screaming to C3PO to stop the disposal unit. Exa garbage, again. There are some blasters and rifles here, all the blasters are broken but the rifle is 'only' damaged, take it and sit out the spam, you'll end up on level 1.
  • Getting R2-D2: Remember near what planet R2-D2 was jettisoned in episode 4? It was Tatooine. The info for Mission - Yavin-4 - Tatooine - A new hope (bn) reveals this as well and it tells us he's in the hands of the Jawas. You need to remove the fragment and then travel to Kenobi's house.

Ben Kenobi arrives from outside.
Ben says: Hello, my young adventurer! You seem to be in need of help. Let me look at this little friend of mine. Ben Kenobi starts to work on R2D2.
Princess Leia's three-dimensional hologram appears before you.
Leia says: General Kenobi, years ago you served my father in the Clone Wars. Now he begs you to help him in his struggle against the Empire.
She continues: I regret that I am unable to present my father's request to you in person, but my ship has fallen under attack and I'm afraid my mission to bring you to Alderaan has failed.
Leia says: I have placed some information vital to the survival of the Rebellion into the memory systems of this R2 unit.
Leia says: You must see this droid safely delivered to Rebels on Yavin-4. This is our most desperate hour.
Leia says: I still have the other part of those plans, even Darth Vader thinks all is already in that droid. Please find me!
Leia pleads: Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope.
Ben Kenobi punches buttons on the R2D2.
Ben turns to you and says: She is on Death Star! Find her! I'm too old for this kind of adventure.
Ben says: The Death Star seems to be around Despayre, preparing for its departure to total domination...
Ben Kenobi leaves the house.

  • Finding the agent: Proceed to the Death Star: R2-D2 negotiates your landing rights, so you won't have to contemplate the code this time =) Just take the droid to Agent Dezix on the fifth level.
  • Get yourself a White Set.
  • Find R2-D2: Solve: Goto Tatooine, find the sand crawler in the desert, enter it, go south and examine R2, a Jawa will come and demand 1000 credits for the droid, after paying him the droid will follow you everywhere.
  • Agent Dezix: Solve: from bays: n, press button, n, nw, ne, n, e, lift 5, e, n, w, press button, w, w, nw, w, press button, n, e.
Agent Dezix calls a trooper who takes the droid away from you.

Agent Dezix salutes you.
Dezix smiles happily: Thank you for protecting the Empire. As a reward you
are not restricted with Death Star ONLY dress-code. This means that you
don't have to change armour when you come to visit us from Latem! You can
also leave the rifle behind. But please remember, we still demand proper
Imperial code of your particular battalion.
Without completion of this mini you're only allowed to go to level 5 by using your own retrieved white set including rifle from the Death Star.  By completing the mini you're allowed to enter level 5 with any white armour pieces obtained from shops, latem, other players as long as you have the 5 pieces (helmet,armour,boots,gloves,belt). So they don't have to be obtained from the Death Star and you don't have to use the rifle but are allowed to use any weapon.  (NOTE: this was inadvertently posted on the Help Domarro mini this should be correct now)

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