Devaron - Decapitate Dark Jedi (cj)

Points : 20
Other rewards : ?
Static : yes
Minimum level : high
Authors : Geez (hints), Grendel (walkthrough)
Last change : walkthrough added
Last modified : 06/05/2013


King Skullcap is hiding somewhere on Devaron. The Dark Jedi is after
him to kill him and throw him off the throne. He can be everywhere.
He must be destroyed, but beware, he's a worthy and clever opponent.
And how will you prove you killed this Dark Jedi? Think twice...
And maybe again, before you get yourself in this web of intrigues
and dangerous environment. Watch your back, it's not only the Dark
Jedi who's after you. Skullcap and Vortisha may be on your side, but
you'll encounter many enemies on Devaron. 


Any NPC can be the dark jedi. You will find this out when you attack an NPC. After a while he transforms into the dark jedi.

To decapitate the dark jedi you (probably!) need a Devish Sacrificial Knife. (Description of the knife: There is something different about this knife, but you can't put your finger on it. The knife is eminating a sense of well-being which makes you believe you can cut through almost anything! If you are up to it, you could try to 'behead' a corpse.) this can be assembled after finding 3 pieces:

  • hilt: in cave in far NW corner of Devaron (kill Hadri Pohg first)
  • metallic grip: in river in stinking river in Montellian Serat
  • shard: on Jaxda Korda. He's hiding n,se,se from the snackbar.

The smith Vekla Kryte can forge the weapon for you.


All Directions from Bays:

Get Hilt: d,exit,sw,w,w,w,nw,nw,nw,ne,ne,ne,w,w,w,ne,ne,ne,enter cave, kill Hadri, move rocks, get hilt,out,sw,sw,sw,e,e,e,sw,sw,sw,se,se,se,e,e,e,ne,enter gate,u

Metallic Grip: d,n,e,ne.n.swim in river,climb ladder,s,sw,w,s

Shard: d,exit,n,n,n,w,w,w,nw,search plantlife, kill jaxda,se,e,e,e,s,s,s,enter gate

Armorsmith: d,exit,n,n,n,sw,enter,toss hilt into bin,toss grip into bin,toss shard into bin, ask vekla to forge a weapon

Pass: d,exit,sw,sw,w,enter warehouse,e,search junk repeatedly until you find ' A Royal Passcard' - pickup card

Dark Jedi: *NOTE* - Bring lots of specials when you fight Dark Jedi, i.e, Wand/Law/Unit/Saber Launcher. Do *not* have Black Crystal in inventory, or he will steal it and heal full. Dark Jedi often pushes you out of the room, or more annoyingly, transports you to another planet.

Kill Npcs until you find the Dark Jedi, wield Devish Sacrificial Knife, behead jedi

Give head to Skullcap: (move quickly, or head disappears) d,exit, sw,w,w,w,kill rock, sit on throne,press button,s,s,se,sw,n,give head to skullcap

Alternate method of getting knife for beheading Jedi:

d,n,kill rebel

n,nw,w,ne,n,w,w,w,ne,ne,kill monster,enter building, pull lamp, ask vortisha about cup (bring her item she seeks),s,pull cord

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