Kessel Heals

On this page you will find specifics on heals (drinks, food, drugs and other).  All directions are from the port unless noted.

The Troopers Club: d, s, s, s, s, w

To enter the club you must have an evil alignment, otherwise you must kill the trooper, wear his armour, and knock on door.  If you are evil the trooper will do the following:

The trooper says: Hey, you! Yes, you!
The trooper points at you.
The trooper says: You look like a decent person, come and have a drink
with me. We could go to the troopers club right here.
The trooper falls down on the street and gets up again laughing.
The trooper says: Would you like to come with me to the club?

Say yes

Trooper says: Ok, follow me.
The trooper knocks on the door of the Troopers Club. The bouncer looks at
him through a panel in the door and then the door opens.
Trooper leaves into the club.
You follow the trooper into the club.

The trooper will then buy you a Kesselian Hammer.  

Name Price HPs Type
Imperial Beer 40 10 drink
Rum 100 25 drink
Kesselian Hammer 160 40 drink

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