Kessel - Ackbar's Diamond

Points : 3
Other rewards :
Static : yes
Minimum level :
Authors : Pval
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Last modified : 30112002


This mini is inactive.




A gnome (!) in the Kessel forest has lost his ring, and for some reason is very upset about that, and want it back. The gnome is  located in wood/w14.c . His ring is found in wood/w31.c . If you manage to go there through the forest, which is the tricky part, you can return it to the gnome. You will then get a box, but you need a password to open it (the password is randomised).

This password is carried by a carrier ixll that on its way to its destination found a very nice wood where it generally had a good time, and forgot all about the message it had (and still has). This was rather unfortunate for the planet. The ixll is now rather shy, but is easily bribed with bird food, which is found in wood/w07.c . If given to the ixll (in wood/w28), it will surrender its message which states that the box has a powerful crystal that can be used to set up a planetary shield to protect it against the coming Imperial attack. Obviously this did not happen, but the player learned what happened, and get the (valuable) diamond.

Bring the diamond to Ackbar and you're done.

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