Kessel objects guide

This guide will give you hints on which weapons, armour and other objects are noteworthy.


Shining armour: Armour that emits light. You may have to clean it somewhere before it emits light, though. Steps to do that are unknown. Carried by drunken trooper.
STATS:  Type: armour - Ac: 4 - Weight: ? - Exotic: ? - Requirements: ?



AT-AT's gun control unit: This unit is found on a Wookiee you can help with repairing the unit. If you help the Wookiee to 'connect x to y' you will gain some experience (three times - options are 1 4, 1 5, 1 6, etc). We are currently not aware of any other function for the unit (are you?).

Red cartridge: item used in Mission - Triton - Kessel - Destruct Triton (am) that is carried by the Admiral.

S38: S38's do a few dozen hit points damage to every living in a room. You can leave the roon during count down. From bays: d, e, e, climb fence, enter window and kill everything in there except the Wookiee slave (no point). Press button on the computer stuck to the floor and then enter door where the droid was to collect four S38's, go back to the window, climb through window and climb fence to get out.

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