KoBra space station

KoBra space station is the  central hub in the universe and most facilities are available. KoBra Space Station is a neutral area and is not meant for killing. It is meant as a meeting place and a place to provide services. You can call it the administrative centre of the KoBra universe. A little and easy mission is available here and you can waste some time on a tricky mini.

On this station you can find a teller machine, a shop, several bulletin boards on general topics, a mail-terminal, a Bacta-tank, R2D2 holding mission descriptions, several mobiles with information on planets and locations, a skill school, an attribute school, the advancement office, the wedding office, a power tap and a game level. There's a bar on the main floor of this planet, at the south side.

Here is a note that was left on the KoBra board.

The note is titled 'Services from Stargate to KoBra (Navigator, Dec 15)':

I have moved the following services from Stargate to the satellite KoBra:

- The judge: down, down, south from KoBra Central Control
- The Plutar Society: up, up, west from KoBra Central Control
- Ship sales: down, west, west from KoBra Central Control
- Autoloading equip: west from ship sales

The remaining items on Stargate will be moved away as well shortly.