Tatooine - Construct lightsaber (bw)

Points : 35
Other rewards : saber, 2400 exp
Authors : Lsd, Pval, Odysseus, Drienf, Faust, Bith
Last change : new directions to gem, minor direction and womprat meat info
Last modified : 11022003


A hologram of a young woman appears in front of you.
The hologram begins to speak...

Greetings, my name is Sandra Dwinea. I am in need of help.
I need to find a man, his name is Baalt. He is the
grandfather of my child Rinea, and she is now of age that
she needs to be trained to use her power. I am not strong
enough in using the Force to train her, and I will not
trust just anyone to train her. Baalt is the only one who
can help me.

I sent Lt. Frank Gear to find him about a month ago. He
was supposed to check in each day with his status, and did
for a while. His last report was sent to me from the
distant mining planet Prometheus. He has the information
to give to Baalt, but I am afraid that he has been hurt.
If I can't get help soon I will be forced to take...to take
Rinea and try to find Baalt on my own. I dread that day.

If you could find Lt. Frank Gear and see if he is OK, then
he could continue his search for Baalt. Every day that
Baalt is not here is a day wasted. Please hurry.

The hologram of the woman bows, then fades out.



Directions to the crystal gem and healing water, may be slightly off but same general places just how you get there may be slightly wrong.)

  • Board #1 is located in a shed in Anchorhead. Anchorhead bays: w, s, 2w, enter shed, search floor.
  • Board #2 is located in the shop in Tosche. Tosche bays: enter, search shelves.
  • Board #3 is locate in a cave across the ravine, so buy a landspeeder at the shop. On Mos Eisley from port go e, e, s, enter,  Ask hundrr about landspeeders, buy landspeeder, enter landspeeder, drive out, drive 2n, drive 4w, drive 10s, out, cave, exa table, search goods.
  • Board #4 is located in Jabba's Palace, one east of entrance. Search electrical checkers. To get to Jabba's palace, wander around in the dune sea, or give a beer to ben in the freighter in the alley. You need to knock door to get in.

All the boards have a number on them, in the middle of their description. It's easy to miss, but you can tell which is which by looking at them.

  • Lightsaber handle is located in Obi Wan's house. Dust table in the living area, take handle.
  • Crystaline Gem (jewel) at monks in Jabba's palace. From entrance of Palace: knock on door, w, w, sw, d, n, e, enter vent, e, e, d, search jars, get jewel.
  • The jar with healing water is in the supply room. From just outside Jabba's palace directions are: knock door, w, w, s, u, n, e, n, n, w. In the supply closet there are three cabinets: the middle contained some credits (search drawer). There are also 4 shelves of different materials. On the iron shelf I found a jar with a white label containing the healing water.
  • Poison clue is inside the Sarlacc; you need to give man the healing water to get it. the bone he mentions can be taken from skeleton in dune sea. the guy he says to take it to is in the alley, from bays e, climb fence, s, s, e. 
  • Krayt Crystal inside the cave in the Dune Sea, wander around a bit to find it. The Krayt Dragon can be killed by a diligent level 16 and up who is well equipped, but the proper way to go about is to get some meat, (get the womprat meat from the T-16 Skyhopper area, just go d and kill a womprat, the womprats in the prospector mini don't give the meat (anymore?)) and Administer Poison. then feed that to the dragon (give meat to dragon).
  • Laviac Acid is carried by the dying women in the Sarlacc, you need to give her a rope to get it. Rope is carried by Magpie. A rope may also be found in the shop on Roon (From bays: e, enter, d, press button, enter shuttle, wait for it to stop at Arc Praxis, out, u, w, s, 2w, s) and the 'piece of cable' from Ladriz shop works as well.

Sarlacc is located in the Dune Sea, best way to get there is to rent a speedster and travel 1. Then simply go down, dying man is 2s from entrance, dying woman is e from entrance. Exit is n, dig sand. btw, take a light with you.

For instructions the book on how to construct a saber is located in the chest in Obi Wan's house, which can be opened with a key found at the junkyard in Tosche Key is located in a pile of junk on the Junk Yard in Tosche. Tosche bays: w, ne, search junk, take key. btw, the book says:

"INSTRUCTIONS: You must find the following items to make a lightsaber gem: A Krayt Crystal, a Crystalline Jewel, Laviac Acid. After you have them, you must heat them. Once heated, you have made the gem. Then you must find four small circuit boards and a lightsaber handle. If you assemble them properly you will construct a lightsaber. If you do something wrong, it will explode and kill you."

To construct the saber: Go to Obi Wan's kitchen: boil crystal, boil jewel, boil acid, take gem, assemble saber. and you are done.

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