Toloran - Help child

Points : 2
Other rewards : some money (1200 at level 14)
Static : yes (wandering object, though)
Minimum level : 1
Authors : Lsd, Pval, Windryder
Last change : converted to html. Complete
Last modified : 30112002


Return a lost child to her mother.


Q: Where can I find the child?
A: In the Casino

Q: Where can I find the mother?
A: At the panorama view in the Skids


Start at the Toloran cab site: e, e, e, e, enter.

Find the child (small area): ask child what is wrong, ask child to follow me.

Get to the casino exit: exit, w, w, w, w, s, s, barge.

You have to wait a few minutes and get into action as you arrive at the Skids: out, s, ne, e, sit in chair, return child to woman.

You can now get a deathball from the Avenger with the ticket you are given.

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