Toloran - Antidote

Points : 5
Other rewards :
Static : yes
Minimum level :
Authors : Pval
Last change : corrected a mistake. Please provide storyline, hints and minimum level advisory.
Last modified : 30112002




On Toloran, follow the path east until you find a heavy stone. Take it and enter the administration building. Go to the appropriate toilet and break the mirror with the stone. Enter the hatch and search the hole in the poster of the rock-band. Take the item there. Roll the corners of the carpet away to get out there. Next go to the skids and go to the top of the hill.

Ski, right, right and wait until you crash. Then ski and stop when you see the path. Enter the path and follow it until you see the Hunch. Kill him. Sometimes he casts a freeze spell on you. If you have the spell and the Hunch is nearly dead, unwrap coverings from the item from the hotel and swallow pill. Now kill the Hunch in the time the effect of the pill lasts.

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