Vanagar - Project Sluicer (bo)

Points : 30
Other rewards : adornment
Static :
Minimum level : 9
Authors : Lsd, Pval, Windryder, Zentel, Geez, Bith
Last change : Added refinements and remarks.
Last modified : 20120110


We have had a slight... err.. mishap in our Biological Warfare Division.
It seems that.. ahem.. one of our research groups based on Vanagar, in
the city of North Narwhald, was... well... attacked by a small terrorist
outfit known as the Sechifrae, whom we suspect to be linked to the...
Rebellion.. possibly. After killing most of our staff, they discovered
Project Sluicer. Shortly thereafter, the 'Project' terminated the
terrorists. Gravely, the 'Project' then... decided to leave. It is now
believed that it has entered the Aridol river. We were able to surmise
this once a number fishing ships began to crash into the shoreline, and
seemed to be lacking crew members. 
The few that know of the 'Project' believe that the North Narwhald
Parliament is responsible... which seems advantageous for now. It is
imperative that we... contain the 'Project' though... If it were to
leave the planet, the consequences could be... disturbing. We recently
intercepted a distress call from the Wind Bleeder, but we are waiting
to respond... until some countermeasure can be devised. At present, we
know of nothing, short of thermonuclear bombardment, that could...
cancel the 'Project'.
-- Grand Moff Lieko
NOTE: This mission is designed for players of level 9 and higher.


Take the converter and the crate that lie around the bleeder. Go to the sw bed and search it. Take the key. Place the crate in the middle w room. Climb on crate and go to the captain. Kick him and he'll give away the positions of 2 switches. You've got to test the other two yourself. Search around until you find the gaff. Wield it. Now go to the south most room. Press button and install converter. Now you can go down. Put the two mentioned switches in the correct position and test the others by setting them and pushing the button. Once it succeeds, the gas pours in the lower section. Now go in and kill the Sluicer fish. He doesn't heal fast anymore and you'll damage him much using the gaff.


Go d, 2w, 2n, path, w, n, enter river, climb lines, climb mast. Type "sleep". Take the key and the magazine. Go d, d, w, search equipment. Wield the gaff (heavy item). Go e, search socket, e, n, lift rug. You should now have a filet knife and an electronic key.

Go s, w, s, open hatch, w, pull chain, take crate, s, e, kill rat, search equipment, n, u, n, w, drop crate, stand on crate, u, n, e, d, strangle Captain. You can knee/slap/kick the captain and he will tell you the positions of three of the four switches to release the gas. Take the power converter and remember whether the green switch should be up or down. Go u, w, s, d, e, s, d, s, e. Flip the green switch to the right position.

Go w, n, u, s. Install converter and press the button. If nothing happens go to the switches, flip one, go back and push the button. Keep changing the switches until you get the right combination. When the switches are right, gas should be released on the lower levels. It may turn really dark, so you might carefully track your ways so you are able to escape to safe territory when needed. Reports are that the fish will not follow you if the switches are in a certain position. Please verify.

Go down and kill the fish to finish the mission and get the adornment. Remember to bring heals, he still takes a lot of hit points. When he's dead, filet the corpse with the filet knife. Take the teeth and the eyeballs. The best way to avoid the fish when getting all the stuff, is to go up on the deck, wait for a few seconds and then go back again.

Reno Writes: Sluicer + Sluicer Mission stuff: The fish does not heal in dark. It just heals fast period. Except if there is Cadaway gas in the lower hold. The idea is to flip the switches in the right position (The position can be found out by torturing the Captain Okop, who has the power converter. Just knee/slap/kick him until he gives you the positions of three of the switches, since he only ever divulges three. The fourth is just trial and error, and since it's just 50/50, I wouldn't complain). Also, there is no need to filet the corpse (it only acts like any other just get some meat. Yay).

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