Wayland - Clone Wars (bf)

Points : 30
Other rewards :
Static :
Minimum level :
Authors : Lsd, Pval, Bambam, Ambrosia
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A hologram of Gen. Crix Madine appears before you. He begins to speak:
"Rebel intelligence has determined the location of an old Imperial
storehouse on Wayland. Located within that storehouse are vaults containing 
technology from long ago. Most of what is there are horrible weapons of 
destruction and dangerous experiments. 
"However, we have reason to believe an intact Clone-Wars era cloning
facility is also located in the storehouse, deep in Mount Tantiss. If the
Empire is allowed to clone soldiers at will, millions of lives could be lost
in another Clone War. Your job is to penetrate the Empire's defenses and
destroy that facility.
"The recommended approach is to find some powerful explosives in
one of the Emperor's vaults, and use them to destroy the master cloning
column. More technical data should be available in the Mt. Tantiss
library. That's all we have, so good luck."

** Recommended levels: 15+ if you're a normal player, 12+ if you're clever.



Version 1:

For this mission some decent weapon and armour is needed.

X= landingbay
Y= from X go w, s, w, sw, w, n, nw, n, climb path, enter intake, in

The problem with this mission is that the first pass card one have to
get to be able to complete the hole mission can be i 7 different places and
Here are 4 of the places:

1. From X go w, n, n, w, n, w, w, d there should be a Old Psadan here
with some drink called the grand uranalysis or something, he may have the
card, just exa him, if he har the card, steal it from him or kill him.

2. From Y go e, enter lift, d, d, out, s, e there are some shelves here,
exa them, if the card is here this reboo the card should fall on the
ground when you exa the shelver (try it a few times just to be sure).

3. From Y go e, e, enter lift, u, out, w, w theres a royal guard here,
kill her then go s and kill the royal advisor (i think thats is name), he can
have the card, if he has the card he says something like: I cant ket the
rebel get this... Exa the card and write down the code from the card.

4. From Y go e, e, enter lift, u, out, w, search carpet

5. e, enter lift, d, out, se, e, e, ccw, ccw, ccw and it should be on the
floor. If a clone blocks you, try cw a couple of times until you are round
on the far side.

6. Searching bunks in troopers' barracks you may find a card.

>From Y go e, enter lift, d, d, out, e kill the imperial officer, 'punch' the
code from the first card here then go enter lift, d, out, sw, w kill
selid and get the second card.

>From selid go e, s, e, e (there should be a large computer room here) there
are a few spaces between the computes here so you have to type crawl into
space or something, when you enter the space between the computers
there's a panel here, type pull wire to get the security system off (maybe 
there's a card here to, its the same card you get from killing selid). The 
second card (from selid) has to be sliced to be able to be used so from X 
go e, e, e, s, sit at table and give the second card to ghent, he will look at
the card and then tell you that if you give him 400 credits he'll slice the
card for you, give ghent 400 credits, after he sliced it he'll drop it
on the ground and leaves, take the card and then type stand. From Y go e,
e, enter lift, u, out, w type the code from the second card (the one you
sliced) here, then type enter lift, u, u, out, u. Examine the throne so that
Luuke Skywalker appears. Luuke has a codekey on him, steal the codekey from
Luuke (or kill him, its up to you) take the codekey. From Y go e, e, enter
lift, u, out here are some vault doors (and 2 imperial sentrys if they aren't
dead) if you exa the vaults you should find a terminal and a screen i
think exa the screen and do what it says (it says insert codekey i think) if
you insert the codekey (from Luuke) the vaults open. From where you inserted
the codekey to open the vaults you go n, ne here there should be some
shelves, exa everything in the room until you find a satchel, then take
explosives from satchel, If there isn't anything in the satchel check the
nw room, look at chassis, get explosives, the explosives may be in any
of the vaults, so search in them (there are 5 vaults). From X go e, e, e, n, n, 
enter tapestry, d, press button in this room there should be a pedestal with 
some device on it, take the device (its the timer for the explosives). Then to 
be able to go to X you go e out s, s, out, s, s, w, w, w, w, w (I think you should be at X
now). If you exa the explosives you'll see that you have to type fuse
explosives to get the timer and the explosives together, to this now
(it wound explode until you type place explosives or something). From Y go
e, enter lift, d, out, e, climb ladder, e, e then go either cw or ccw til
you reach a clone (its clone of Tarkin or some clone with a assassin's
blade) both are easy to kill so kill them and go one step further, there's a
terminal here i think, it should be able to extend a bridge, when you have
extended  the bridge type cross bridge, wait here until a clonemaster
appears, kill him then type plant explosives (after planting the explosives
run to bays, i think you have 2 minutes on you to get out of the
imperial base, so run to bays). Then if you have done everything right you 
just have to wait around until the message: 

You look to the west and see a huge fiery explosion, sending a black
cloud into the atmosphere. That must've been Mount Tantiss.
Congratulations! You completed the Clone Wars quest!

Version 2:

First you need to get imp. passcard with code, 2 possibilities:
1) from bays, w,n,w,n,ne,w,d,ne,se in myneyrsh settlement, there might be
a card on the floor.
2) From bays,w,n,w,n,w,w,d, check out Chakkras - he might have card.

Then from bays,e,e,e,n,n,n,enter tapestry,d,d,press button,look at
pedestal, take device, take device ,e,out,s,out,s,s,s,w back to bays.

From bays w,s,w,sw,w,n,nw,n,climb path,enter intake, in. Now you are
inside Mt. Tantiss. All stormtroopers will attack you and they are always x2,
but quite easy kills. All others, like sentries etc.will leave you alone.
e, enter lift, down to level 7, e, kill imperial officer, punch <code> which
is written on card, enter lift, down to level 8.
Here you need to find room with control computer, crawl spaces and
disable surveillance/security system. Then find Imperial colonel on same level
and kill him, he will have the Emperors passcard.

When you got Emperors passcard you need to have this decoded/sliced.
Leave Mt. tantiss - you can do this from level 8, just go west until you are
out, then s,se,s,e,ne,e,n,e,e,e,e,s.
Now you should be in the bar. Sit at table - here will you find the guy
who could crack the code - pay him 400 credits and give him emperors card.

Then go back to base, climb path, etc.
when inside,e,e,enter lift,up to level 3, w.
Now you should be outside a lift again.
(ps! if you "lift carpet" You might find another card -but this should be
the same as the one you found in Myneyhrs settlement.)
type code on emperors card, enter lift and now you have to go to level
1. Examine the throne and the The clone of Luke Skywalker will appear. If you look
at the ledge it will say that you could push someone over it... push Luke.
When he falls he will drop a codekey, take codekey and then you have to go
down again fast, because Luke comes back and start attacking you (btw, he
got lightsaber if you are going after one...)

Back at level 3, insert codekey at terminal near lift, this will open
all vaults. I think you have to enter vault that is southeast-there you will
find a satchel with explosives.  If there isnt anything in the satchel check the
nw room, look at chassis, get explosives.

then enter lift, down to level 4, out,w,enter lift, down to level 6,
out,e,climb ladder,e and as long as security system is out you will be
inside cloning hall. then go cw or ccw, you should be able to go one of the
ways without killing the clones. When out have come to main controls,
extend bridge, cross bridge. Here you will be at the center of the cloning
station and here one of the cloning engineers will appear. I dont know if you
have to kill him, but i did just in case he would remove the explosives.

Well after killing him, take device and "fuse explosives", drop explosives,
and "plant explosives".

If everything has gone Ok, you will get the message that you got 3
minutes before explosion. Just leave base, go to bays maybe enter ship and
launch, just to be sure to far enough away from explosion...and wait.......3
minutes. Voila, you are 30 missionpoints richer.

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