arBoK - Clone quest (ax)

Points : 40
Other rewards :
Static : yes
Minimum level :
Authors : Lsd, Pval
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Last modified : 20112002


Kill the Clone of the evil Dip husband of Kerin Bene Jinn.
He doesn't fight fairly at times, so be careful...
This is a very long mission, and is only for evil/neutral(ish) players
of high levels and with daring. It takes place on ArBok.


Walkthrough 1

Get the crate in the computer room. Kill Zappa's clone on the second floor to get the map of the pipe system. Drop the crate under the pipe system and climb pipe. Use the map to find the large rat & rope. Kill the rat to get the rope. Get out of the pipes and search the parts in the location e of the centre to find a tiny screwdriver. Locate r2d2 and unscrew plate (you'll need neutral or evil alignment for this). He will drop bolt cutters. Search the trash in the nw corner of arbok to find a bottle. Then cut the bolts on the grate and tie rope to grate. Then jump into the hole. Then subdue clone (of minuet) which will mean that you have to kill her. She will give you a grimoire. Then give the empty bottle to the mechanic and he will return it and give you the steel key.

With the key you can enter the garden and fill the bottle at the pool. Return the filled bottle to the mechanic and give it to him. he will give you some scruffy boots, needed for climbing the i-beams. Climb the i-beam and you may find Guacamole's clone. Giving the grimoire to him will stop him for healing (although I doubt that a bit). IF you attack be sure to have enough money to travel to ad2029 by space cab frequently (and fast) to heal. Guacamole's clone does up to 75-100 hp's damage so be sure to leave when you're still above 100 hp's. You can gamma him, but he withstands the first two beams without damage. He will also frequently hit you when leaving him.

Walkthrough 2

It is very simple, but can be deadly with some lag or lack of competence.

  1. jump to crimson, pay cabbie (to arbok)** all directions are from 'pay cabbie' **
  2. d, n, e, e, s, sw, se, get crate
  3. d, n, u, w, w, kill (get map) * DON'T LEAVE till she gives you the map! *
  4. d, n, n, n, (to power tap), drop crate, stand on crate, (light torch/saber/glowrod), use the map to get to the rat/hemp rope, kill the rat, flip the map, follow it out of the pipes.
  5. d, n, e, search parts, get screwdriver
  6. ** WITH NEGATIVE ALIGN ** d, n, n, n, (to power tap) unscrew tap (get cutters)
  7. d, n, e, e, s, cut bolts, tie rope, d, SUBDUE clone (don't 'kill' or you will not get the piece), get grimoire from her when she leaves.
  8. d, s, s, s, get basket
  9. d, n, e, e, s, d, w, say help (get key), e, unlock door, open door, e, n, fill basket, s, w, w, give basket to mechanic (get boots)
  10. d, n, w, wear boots u got, climb beam (Now your at DIP)

* Ok, Dip is the main boss, and after you kill him you receive 40mp, deathsaber, and peace robes. Not a bad deal. However if you dont understand how to fight him, you will just end up spending a ludicrous amount of cash for heals.

Tips for Dip

  1. That Grimoire you got, its a lifesaver, when you go up to dip, DON'T initiate a fight yet. Give the grimoire to Dip. What happens is he will check inventories until he sees the grimoire, if he DOESN'T see the grimoire, he will heal himself to full hps. He can do this endlessly. So he checks his inv. first, seeing the grimoire, and doesn't heal.
  2. He tends to hit rather hard.. no crazy specials, but a lot of hard hits gets to you after awhile. So I usually bring 2 bcrystals, 2 specials, 2 eyeballs, and heart-ice from tatooine (tat bays: e, climb fence, s, s, e, buy ice) With that i can heal about 600hps of myself. Shatter the crystal when your at app 90-110 hps.. he cant hit harder for 60.. or at least I haven't been hit for that much, but don't take chances, because if you DO die up there, u will need the boots to climb back up. hence you need to wait for a reset, and jeopardize your armour / weapon.
  3. Also, Wands/Laws/Units work exceptionally well on him, i usually bring a law/wand or so, and if you have given him the grimoire, can do it in 1 run, which is preferable, cuz if you take too many runs, the chance of his random glance at YOUR inventory will heal him full, and all that work was for nothing.
  4. Also, he _might_ heal himself full 1-2 times, even if he has the grimoire.. this is just either a bug, or because he's supposed to be hard.. either way, don't panic if you see he's back to 750 hps.. no matter, just go back and kill again.. gamma's work, but he blocks them sometimes, same with beta's, so you are much better off gamma-ing him. If you have a dirk, you should be fine as well, the combination of a dirk/specials/crystals, if he doesn't heal, should kill him w/o having to leave.
  5. Always remember to put the climbing boots back, and wear YOUR boots to finish your armour set, so your not fighting with ac2

    You get on the train s from port and wait 2 stops. Its n from there. The secretary is in the office. Kill her and get in.

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