Baku - Hero of Baku (aw)

Points : 30
Other rewards : adornment/watch
Static : yes
Minimum level :
Authors : Lsd, Pval, Darkshadow
Last change : converted to html
Last modified : 31/05/2021


The cloaked image of a Jedi Master appears. The image says:

"Braveness. That is the issue here. The population of colony x581994.33a,
alias Baku, is in need of a hero. The Force has many ways... and some-
times they are deceptive... are you strong enough in the Force to control
your fear? Then visit our fair and quiet planet in the Baku system
as soon as possible. The mission is easy...(?), become a hero of Baku!"

The image is suddenly compressed to a glowing dot which quickly fades out.

To complete this mission you need to kill, although not much.



Go to the wagon and enter it. Above go e, e, e and lit a torch or aura. enter spaceship jump, search junk & jump, out. You will now have a keycard. Always search the landing pad there. It will return random items. From the pad go s, open hatch and go d twice. You will now be in maze where the mutated monster (hits hard and up to 100hp's damage) runs loose. He will attack you and do very much damage. For me it always worked to (from the exit) go s 6 times then e. In either case search around until you enter a illuminated cave with a baby monster in it. Kill it and take it's parachute. e, e. Then leave the maze (I used a combination of n, s or s, n to get to the exit).

But recently all this changed, now search the tables in the bar for a sheet, search the stands at the market for either rings or rope and the baby monster carries the final part. Them make parachute and continue.

Outside wear the parachute, enter the wagon and jump halfway. If you're lucky you'll end up inside the castle. Otherwise keep trying. Give the guard 1000 credits and he'll let you into the room with the evil lord. Kill him,
which is pretty easy, take the corpse (if that is allowed, otherwise you'll end up with his saber). Leave to castle by pressing a button at the gate. Go s (market n of statue) and stand on platform. Then show corpse (to the public).

Dying is soft in the maze. Just keep moving to avoid attack by mutant monster The corpse will end up at the bottom of the ladder often. The chapel can be used to regain a solid form again. The sauna is for healing. Important is it not to take any money into the maze because if you get killed you'll need money to heal. So leave it in your private ship.

If you wear assault armour the mutated monster won't attack and the maze is completely safe. Also taking a holocamera from a tourist works. The trick is to scare the monster off by taking a photo (with flashlight).

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