Bastion - Giving the finger (fq)

Points : 5
Other rewards : Adornment for killing Valus, saber, 15000 credits
Static : yes
Minimum level : high. Tough kills.
Authors : Woah, Pval, Bith
Last change : full script revision, added money reward and game text,  Please add hints
Last modified : 02032003




From bays: w, d, use slingshot, go to the lifts in the north-west, then go e, e, ne, se, e, building, w, open book and you'll find yourself in the strange world. In the strange world find the starving maniac. He's usually found in the east. Kill him and get the ticket he drops, go n, climb ladder, out, w, nw, n, show ticket to strange man, enter door e, u, trick guard, ask boss about favor.

Mr. Boss says: ...
I need a favor, see? Some 'business' associates owe me and they
don't wanna pay up. His name is Valus, find him, bring me his
index finger and I will owe you a favor.
Now don't concern yourself with the details, it is just that
you can't trust anyone nowadays.
Mr. Boss says: You can be a 'family' member too.
Mr. Boss says: Valus owes me and it's time to pay up.
Mr. Boss says: Nobody pulls one over on me!
Mr. Boss says: It is time to put your loyalty to the test.
Mr. Boss smiles: Nice work, son.
Mr. Boss sinks into deep thought.
Mr. Boss says: His finger will adequately pay me.
Mr. Boss says: I will owe you a huge favor.
Mr. Boss says: Now get the finger and give it to me!
Mr. Boss says: You know what to do.

Then go back to lifts: out, d, w, out, s, sw, w, w. Check the map of the sublevels, press button, e, press button, e, press button, e, press button, d, kill the sergeant for the strange blue cartridge.

n, nw, n, nw, move grate, climb down, insert cartridge in slot and the door will unlock, behind the door is a portal to Valus. Enter portal, u, w, kill Valus and take his finger back to Mr. Boss. Valus is a regular saber dude.

From Valus to Mr. Boss: e, d, enter portal, u, move grate, se, s, se, s, u, press button, w, press button, w, press button, w, press button, e, e, ne, n, show ticket to man, enter door, e, u, trick guard, give finger to boss. This completes the mini.

Mr. Boss says: Good work my son.
Mr. Boss says: Now I owe you a favor..
Mr. Boss hands you a substantial amount of credits!
You feel stronger and wiser now.
Mr. Boss says: You are now in the family my son.
Mr. Boss disappears into a meeting.

To get to bays: from the lifts, go s, s, s, press button, n, u, e.


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