Bastion - Mine Rescue (ie)

Points : 3
Static : No
Minimum level : 1
Authors : Bith, Pval, Dcruze
Last change : Updated guide
Last modified : 11/08/2018


A miner (player) has been trapped in the Diamond mines on Bastion. Someone must save them!


This mission is meant for two players, but it's possible to do on your own.

First, you need to get a rope. Any rope will do, so you can get it from other planets, but there is one inside the 'bad place' on Bastion: From Frag City, go 2n, 2e, ne, se, e, building. Then w, open book, 2s, e, search rubble. Climb the ladder here to get back out...

Next, you need to make the mines collapse, there is a very slight chance of this happening as you move around in the mines.

From Frag city, go 2n, press button, enter hole. You'll be in a dark cavern with a Mine Supervisor and two guards. If you're over level 15, then the easiest thing is to kill them all. Make sure you kill the supervisor first, since the two guards will attack in unison. Low levels can bribe the supervisor for a pass, but it's very expensive at 10,000 credits!

NOTE: Make sure you drop all your equipment (including the rope!) before you proceed. The reason for this is that you will not be able to retrieve your equipment after the mine collapses when playing solo.

Assuming you killed everyone, head north, and then go down into the mines, kill the small miner and run around until the mines collapse. A speedwalking alias will be useful here. Once they do collapse, <quit> the game.

Now backtrack back to the cavern, pick up your rope and go north. Then <throw rope> to finish the mini. Congratulations!

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