Bastion - Caamas documents (in)

Points : 9
Other rewards : 10,000 credits
Static :
Minimum level : High
Authors : Bith, Dcruze
Last change : Updated guide
Last modified : 11/08/2018


You will need a data disk and a Secure ID for this mini.

From Frag city, go 2e, se, enter building , u, w, 2u, enter office. Kill the secretary here and press the button. Enter door and kill the techie. He has a blank data disk.

Exit the building, then go east and north. <move board> to enter an old shop. Then: manhole, s, w, nw, w, move grate, nw, w, 2nw, 2w, sw, s, d, se. Kill the messenger droid here and pick up the Secure ID.

Next, go to the Pure Alcohol Inn. From bays, go w, d, n. Make sure you're overburdened and <buy fragdown> until you can't carry anymore. You will drop it on the floor and it will explode, allowing you to go down.

Go down, then <fall>. You'll be greeted by a ghost who warns you about entering the vaults. Type <tell merwah i want to enter the vaults>.

WARNING: To proceed with the mini, you will have to kill Neurosis, a very tough opponent!

Go north, 4nw and kill Neurosis. When he dies, a door will open at the end of the western corridor, go north from there to enter a computer room, and kill all the robots. From here you can download all of Moff Disra's information. Exa computer, then type <pw> to read a password on the Secure ID. Insert disk, type password, download all and eject disk.

Now you have to give the disk to someone who will truly appreciate it.

From Frag city, go 2n, press button, e, press button, e, press button, e, press button. Then, d, n, nw, n, nw, move grate, se, u, 2w and <give disk to smuggler> to complete the mini...


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