Bastion objects guide

An objects guide will give you hints on which weapons, armour and other objects are noteworthy on a project.


Large shoulder pads: Carried by wookiee.
STATS:  Type: shield - Ac: 2 - Weight: ? - Exotic: ? - Requirements: ?

Valus' skull: Carried by Valus.
STATS:  Type: helmet - Wc/Ac: 2 - Weight: light - Exotic: ? - Requirements: ?


Chains of turmoil: Reward for killing Neurosis. Weapon class 25 weapon with nice extra damage special.
STATS:  Type: weapon - Wc: 25 - Weight: ? - Exotic: ? - Requirements: ?


Syringe: Reward for killing Neurosis. This object gives five doses you can inject yourself with, giving you the ability to multi-attack for several combat rounds.

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