Bathos - Destruct Bathos (bg)

Points : 35
Other rewards : adornment, 1000 credits per player level if mission is done without killing anything (given only once)
Static : no (not all, but random objects are asked for)
Minimum level : 1 (no killing)
Authors : Pval, Dcruze, Jave, Odysseus, Legislator, Righum, Zentel
Last change : Added more details and fixed errors. Hints? Storyline?
Last modified : 18/06/2020


A flickering hologram of a being in a black cloak appears. You cannot see its
face, and its voice is electronically distorted to prevent identification.

"Greetings, fellow being!" says the image. "I have contacted you on behalf of
the Very Serious Liberation Front here on Bathos. We are seeking a true
adventurer who will help us bring about the destruction of the planet. The
quest is dangerous and tricky, but should be well within the capabilities of
a skilled player." The figure leans forward. Sneeringly, it says, "Are YOU
one of those players?"

The figure leans back. "Find the bum in the abandoned Bathos train station
and kill him. He holds a clue to finding our headquarters."

Suddenly, a Vogon strides into holographic view. "Hey, trooper, you done
taping that message?" "Shut up!" the trooper yells. "Oops," says the Vogon.

This is a very complicated quest that may be done by any level. There
are ways to complete this quest without any fighting.



Here's where you can find things Dr. Kitterson is asking for: 

  • Paperclip - It is on the desk at the range. 
  • Green salad - Order it at the Greasy Spoon. d, s, w, order salad
  • Nanofood - Go to the outside of the university and go northeast and get nanofood from grass. d, s, s, w, w, ne, take nanofood from grass.
  • Spring - Go to the philosophy student and go two east. There you should see doctor Eliza, take spring from mechanism. Also do not forget to say to her "where is office of technology". 
  • Brad #2 - It is on the presidents desk. From entrance to university go all north and there the president is. 
  • Chewing gum - Go all east from president and look at door the gum should be on the door. 
  • Brad #3 - Go all east from the Greasy spoon and look at the flowers if it is not there then it is 1 more south and look at the flowers there.
  • Pickle - It is on the table at the Greasy spoon. d, s, w, take pickle from table
  • Bobby Pin - Go to the dead philosophy teacher and look at desk and it should be there. 
  • RS-232 cable - Go to the record shop and search the cables. d, s, s, w, s, w, search cables.
  • CAT-5 cable - Go up at the entrance of IVAS, the cable is on the door.
  • Datacard - It is on the exit sign at the CD shop.
  • Copper wire - It is at the bottom of the hothouse, at insulation.
  • Elastic band - Go to the outside of the university, the rubber band is in the kudzu
  • Magnetic tape - get tape from drive in Dr. Kitterson's room
  • The resistor is found on the logo for the cognitive coprocessor place one east of the bays. From bays: e, take resistor from logo.
  • Lubricated pipe - It can be found near the sewer entrance, get pipe from pipes. d, s, e, e, s, take pipe from pipes.

What to do

Go to the place where the plant's right activist is and eat the salad, enter the building and search petals and ask the guard about VSLF. Torture the puppy and they should give you the form up, up, out, southeast, southwest, north, 3x west, 2x up , pull lever, 2x down, push button (you have to be pretty quick from the moment you pull the lever or the machine will explode and you'll have to wait for a reset), 2x east, south, northwest, stand in steam.

Kill the girl or steal the card. If you search the junk in the university (science part ground floor (n, 3w)) you will find an old telescope. If you give that to the girl on the roof, you'll get the card she has. So no killing or stealing needed there. Give the card to Nick in the audio shop, give the card to the retinal doctor in the science place.

Go back to the government building and type the room number that Eliza gave you when you ask her where is the office of technology. Give the form to the droid and take the ink pad from the desk. Put your fingers in the pad and press fingers on the card. After you get the badge go back to the science place and go all the way north. Ask the doctor about machine and keep asking what component he needs and give it to him.

Take the device and go into the power plant where that omnibot is. Follow instructions and then when you reach the dog pull lever to get rid of him. Press button and then  ****BANG*****. If you've done the missions without killing absolutely anything (also non mission related monsters), you'll get an extra cash reward. This reward is only given once.

Command walkthrough

Go to the place where the plant's right activist is and eat the salad.

Enter building, enter entrance, down, down, ask trooper about vslf, torture puppy (you will get a form), up, up, out, se, sw, n, w, w, search junk, get telescope, u, u, pull lever, down, down, push button, east, east, south, northwest, stand in steam, give telescope to janice (you will get a passcard)

jump, se, e, s, w, give card to nick, e, n, e, e, n, n, e, give card to technician, w, s, s, w, w, w, n, e, u, e, e, say where is the office of technology. (note the number for example 281p)

w, w, d ,w ,s e, e, s, s, s, exa panel, type <the number that you got from eliza>, give form to secretary, get pad from desk, insert fingers, touch card, out, n, n, n, e, n, n, n, ask doctor about machine

what component (fetch the component for him and then type what component again, fetch that etc. He will get satisfied eventually.)

get machine, s, s, s, w, s, w, insert passcard, put thumb on pad, say <your name>, n, pull lever (when you are at the dog)

Push the button and you are done.

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