Concordia Heals

On this page you will find specifics on heals (drinks, food, drugs and other).  All directions are from the port unless noted.

The Last Resort Bar: e, d, 2s, sw, 2w, n

Name Price HPs Type
A glass of Snatcher's <cocktail> 40 10 drink
A cup of 'nog <eggnog> 120 30 drink
Some strong Garsupian <elixir> 160 40 drink
A total stunning HB <banger> 200 45 drink
<super/sex> on the Beach 300 75 drink

Concordia Grand Hotel Lounge:

Name Price HPs Type
Bacardi and coke <baco> 110 22 drink
Glass of milk <milk> 80 15 drink
Chateau neuf du Pape '66 <wine> 200 45 drink
Ciabatta with mozarella, tomato and pesto <cia> 160 20 food
French toast with smoked chicken and mayo <toast> 110 15 food
Roll with lamb's ham, salad and balsamico <roll> 135 18 food
Pasta with smoked salmon and sea-grass <pasta> 150 20 food
Grilled vegetables with asparagus <vega> 175 25 food
Veal schnitzel with french fries <veal> 160 20 food

There is also a A small espresso machine located in the lounge.

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