As you land you will be counted by the peoples counters. This one shows how many have visited since the release of the planet in the game and how many times you have visited. From bays you can pay a cabbie to get to the Arbok Space Station. Corona is a moon orbiting Crimson.

The planet is a huge battlefield where the war between humans and Gamorreans is raging. East and west of bays you can join sides in the war and throw yourself into the mayhem south on the planet. Both humans and Gamorreans also have headquarters located further south on the planet. It's also possible to remain neutral.

When you are neutral, most monsters are not auto-attacking. When you enlist to either side, the opposite side monsters will auto-attack. This planet is the home planet of Vargaren.

Down from bays, you enter the co-processor implant area. Here you buy the download and the features: a highly recommended extra!

Crimson has no main mission and one mini. Crimson is the planet where the addicting Euh drugs is sold. Using Euh will give you an adorn.  There are also a few other types of drugs, like the Mind Blossom, which makes you freeze for a few moments, unable to do anything. This is dangerous when fighting. Drinks can be acquired inside the bases. Shop: all south, all west, then north. A power tap can be found in the Gamorrean base.

The Big Guard at the Gamorrean base shoots birds for target practice, leaving corpses of dead birds. This is a good feature for replenishing your eaters, TK helmet, and chemtechs for free before a big fight on Crimson.

Crimson has some nice kills. It is a great playground for levels 5 to 8. I think it goes up to level 8. The playground is s, s, enter from bays. 'search vehicles' south of bays and you will find a bolt clip, a bolter or a lasgun. Pretty lousy weapons, but it's worth max. shop value.