Cruu - Solve Pyramid (gr)

Points : 4
Other rewards : adornment
Static : no (random maze)
Minimum level :
Authors : Pval
Last change : Updated name
Last modified : 31/05/2021




Get a map from the sage and go to the pyramid. At pyramid buy a leaflet and a translator from the guard. 
Enter the building and set an alias for aim wall, press translate.

Now walk into the pyramid and translate the wall every step. Every now and then it contains a direction. Follow 
it. The room is in the top of the pyramid, 4 or 5 times up. You get the adorn when you enter the room.

If you enter the construction and type say magic word, the treasure appears. To get out, get out of the two rooms and press the button on the translator (or just quit if you have no equipment).

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