Death Star - The Saber (jf)

Points : 8
Other rewards : <unknown>
Static : <unknown>
Minimum level : Very high
Authors :
Last change : Dreadlord
Last modified : 13032004


Build the Double Bladed Sith Saber.



Sith Saber

Min Level:
Very High (you rock)

General Info:
The saber is made from 4 pieces scattered on vector-7 and the death star. The saber is pretty awesome as the fully assembled saber gives two hits instead of one. However, at most three sabers are in the game and it's a bitch the get as the main part and the second half reset only randomly.

The directions are given from the spaceport on Vector-7 and in case of the focus crystal from the spaceport on the Death Star.

1. Main part is located on Yung.
Get solder gun:
first time - enter, w, s, s, open hatch, get all
otherwise - enter, w, w, sw, enter door, d, e, buy gun from pargo
go to yung and kill him:
enter, w, s, s, s, s, e, e, open hatch, solder wires, enter door, door, kill yung

2. Second half is located on Vorg.
enter, w, w, sw, enter door, u, e, e, enter shadows, nw, kill vorg
attach half

3. The saber battery is carried by Krull.
enter, w, n, kill krull
saber battery is dropped if he dies.
insert battery

4. The focus crystal is hidden on the Death Star.
n, w, enter tank, kill engineer, get card that is dropped as engineer dies, out, enter at-st, insert card, aim speeder, fire, out, open hatch, enter hatch, look at dashboard, pull dashboard, get credits, break bottom, get object
fuse crystal

Latest update:
The double hit seems to have been removed

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