Devaron kills guide

This guide will give you hints on how to defeat tough monsters a little easier or which monsters are best suited for your level.

Admiral Xyros:

Can be found at the top of the Monolith, players with positive alignment will have to target the monolith for destruction from the Magnanimous to get access.

He's better fought with less than 50 FP, since he has a healing special that will heal him to full health if you have more FP than that.

He will spawn clones of you, or himself, but it might be better to just ignore them and focus on killing Xyros instead.

He will give this adornment.

STATS: Level: 19 - Hp: 950+ - Wc: 35 - Ac: 35 (100) - $: ? - Align: ? - Max Damage: ?

The Dark Jedi:
  • Will steal your heals and use them, so don't carry any!
  • Can teleport himself to another location on Devaron, or teleport you to a different planet!
  • Will sometimes banish you to a neighboring room.

He will give this adornment.

STATS: Level: 19 - Hp: 1001 - Wc: 50 - Ac: 40 - $: ? - Align: ? - Max Damage: ?

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