Devaron objects guide

This guide will give you hints on which weapons, armour and other objects are noteworthy.

  • Armour
  • Armour

    A battered shield: AC3 shield - reward from Skullcap for killing the Dark Jedi
    STATS:  Type: Shield - Ac: 3 - Weight: ? - Exotic: ? - Requirements: ?

    A glittering shield: AC2 shield - allows you to increase AC 5 times for a substantial amount (skill-dependent). Sometimes carried by Xyros.
    STATS:  Type: Shield - Ac: 2+ - Weight: ? - Exotic: ? - Requirements: ?


    The Whip of Naga Sadow: carried by Xyros if he does not get the shield.
    STATS:  Type: weapon - Wc: 3 - Weight: Light - Exotic: ? - Requirements: ?

    This ancient lightsaber whip is new to you. Never have you seen one in
    action. Rather, only heard mysterious tales of this legendary weapon.
    Used only by a select few, these ligthsaber whips are capable of doing
    obscene amounts of damage. They were handed out with extreme caution by
    Sith Lords, as an abundance of these would soon spread its technology to the
    rebels, which would be an extremely undesirable situation for the Empire.
    It's actually quite a beautiful thing for such a powerful superweapon. It
    has a lightsaber handle, which from it (when activated), will extend a saber
    beam in whip-like form. To use it, you can 'setlength 0-5'. However if you
    are too caught up in your new power, may short circuit your whip, taking you
    five attacks to repair it. Respect this weapon. The whip length is
    currently set to 5.

    Maelstrom lightsaber: Carried by the Dark Jedi.

    Purple lightsaber: Carried by Kimo Traht, a wandering Jedi outcast. Seems like a normal lightsaber with a different description.

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