Old Missions and Minis

This area is for old missions and minis that are no longer on KoBra.  They are mostly useless but kind of interesting. If any of you have any you would like to share please let us know.

X11 - Moonchild

X11, wipe screen or dirt on the holoscreen, press button, go down. Go e,crawl s & get joint. Crawl back, w,s,w and give joint to fred. Wait until he sleeps and steal key from him. With key unlock the padlock of the moonchild east of fred. No missions points for this one The dark cell can be left by disconnect wires n of the ladder is a door with a freezer inside. Enter freezer and sleep seems to heal.

Macross - Lunatic (ex)

search the lunatic, follow lunatic, kick lunatic. When he enters the cabin, enter it also and get & insert stroopwafel in the computer. Then turn it off and watch the lunatic commit suicide.

Ursa - Print last guide

Go to ground floor, 2 east, and 1 south. There you will find the ink and some flowers.  Go to the HH guild, enter, west. There will be a piece of paper on the floor in the office, where the door to the forum used to be. Leave guild, go up, and 2 west until you can go north. There will be a set of old fashioned printing blocks in the university.  Go to the shop and buy a megado employee pass. ( I checked the list in the shop immediately following a reboot and it was there. Must be meant to be bought, which makes me think that perhaps the blaagraad gun was also just meant to be bought, since I have never found either item anywhere else.). Enter the east transporter in the megado building and ask to go to the printing department. (Say please of course. *grin*) As long as you carry the pass you can enter the door there, even though you are high level. There is an old printing machine here. Exa it, read paper, and follow the directions it gives on how to print one more copy of the Guide.

Pathros - Predator Trap (ac) 15mps

Get 3 light sources
get camera
take picture of anyone or self
find the sewer - S from officers
find predators home
look for room with n, s, e, w,
then go e if there is a d go d and then dive
build trap

Gong - Flying Teapot (ac) 25mps

kill Wimp, get key, open far e door, get pot, go far nw, get handle, go far s, w, press button, d, s, kill klingon, get id card, open s door, get lid, go far n, wear cap, enter temple, sleep, ask gnome to repair teapot, enter teapot, 

Triton - Golden Rose (af) 13mps

Get suit from moster in bar, enter hole over bridge, get rose, jump wall, go to room e from bridge, enter room, drop rose

Macross Matrix Retrived (ah) 35mps

Go to Rebels hut and ask him about the quest, Steal device from Wise old man (or kill him), get in the shuttle, activate auto-dock, dock with Khyron, remove phaser, get phaser, e, press button, get module, e, enter pod, pull lever, after you land back on Macross, go back to the rebel, give him the module

General Quingo says: Your task is to locate Doctor Tubul and get his plans.
General Quingo says: We believe his breakthrough is very important to the Empire
General Quingo says: If you find Tubul, give him that letter I just gave you.
General Quingo says: He will then give you the plans.
General Quingo says: I have some information that will help you on your way.
General Quingo says: Doctor Tubul used to come here every now and then.
General Quingo says: He had a small ship called the Drantu.
General Quingo says: There is a good chance that ship is still here in Gunque.
General Quingo says: On board of the ship is an autopilot.
General Quingo says: This autopilot can help you find the Station Irdan.
General Quingo says: That is where Doctor Tubul did his research.
General Quingo says: If the Drantu is still here, it must be somewhere north.
General Quingo says: It's a shame Darth Vader killed my predecessor.
General Quingo says: He could have told you more.
General Quingo says: Since this mission is Top Secret, I cannot give you any protection.
General Quingo says: You're all alone on this one.

get remote from food machine, go n from base throw hook, d use remove, get atat drive atat n, install cannon, install pack (from drugstore, n, enter hatch, search shelves), enter the ship and insert cude (that the rebel gave you), press button, get martix, give it to rebel.

Dagobah - Self-Knowledge (ai)

must be level 19, full force points, full str, move boulder, d, meet yourself, attack yourself, stop, let darth vader abuse you until he stops

Ursa - Revive Ecoli (an)

goto univ, ask paper, enter door, y, ask buzzer, find fluid, drink it, go into cube, w, downstream all the way..,then you get squrted out from the heart, brain, downstream, cross, downstream, go north, use the buzzer that u get from the dude in the same room, put in a sequence.. the sequence is random 1,2,3 1,3,2, 2,3,1, Wait at borry for him to tell you it.

Reisa - Reisa Mafia (as)

goto tourist, say 'I will take your picture', s ,e, e, n, w, enter monitor, get pass, out, e, n, snap brat, give snapshot to brat, out,
give snapshot to fanny, listen to fanny until she says goodluck, s, s, e, e, n, n, n, e, e, e, s, e, w, steal/get ring from manager,
s, w, unlock door, enter door, exa under bed, exa shadow, get key, out, e, n, w, w, n, search ivy, unlock door, enter door, get all,
go to john in shop, say 'Fanny sent me', listen to john, he'll tell you the rest of the mission, wear disguise, go to guard in casino, 
say 'I want to kill <your name>, photograph, use transporter,  give snapshot to john

Giger, Sulaco, Lb426, Sauron - Rescue Newt (av)

go to bathroom, open cabinet (to get tape), enter panel, search belongings (get picture), show picture to Hicks (get gun), show picture to Ripley (get tracer), enter hole at power tap, go e a few times then n and enter, n to elevator, enter elevator, press sb,
s to corpse of Frost, loot corpse (get flamethrower unit), tape unit to rifle, s, e, find newt and take her, flame eggs, grenade mother, 
w, n, n, enter elevator, press top, s, enter loader

RED activate torch
BLACK leave loader
GREEN moves loader
BLUE activates claws
WHITE open airlock

press color buttons in this order, GREEN, BLUE, WHITE, RED, you both will fall in the airlock, BLACK, climb ladder, pull lever, climb ladder.

Dagobah - Cabinet (eg)

enter hut, move table - you will get a key - Make sure you are not carring alot or you, will drop it and it will break, go to the shop,
unlock the glass cabinet

Pathros - Reinstate Kain (at)

Kill Officer, get badge, kill drugged child, get card, remove brick, press button, go to kain's room, type kain, w to enter room, nod, when he tells you to, give badge to kain, get pass to imperial base, go to outskirts of city, s, s to enter base, s, kill sand trooper, wear sand trooper armour, s, w, trooper captain will give you the key to the door, unlock door, open door, e, torture prisoner until, you get password, go back to the captain he will give you a system and holo-cloak, get die from gang member, clean die to reveal holo cube, go to desert trooper with system (kill him if you dont have the system), d, go far ne, use light, n, n, type code from prisoner, w, dig everywhere until you find the hatch, open hatch, d, s, s, insert card, enter hatch, d, insert cube, press export, get cube, type 'boot computer', type 'type insert cube', type 'type download plans', type 'type eject cube',  go to kain, give cube to kain, he will give you either a Dark Saber (if you have never done the quest) or a Shot gun.