When creating a character, you have to choose a race. The race you pick will have a severe impact on your character as each race has advantages and disadvantages. So far there is little to tell but the information you can also find in KoBra 'help' pages. We're waiting for a player to submit additional information.


You can choose of the following races. Click on the race to get a description.


Below you see an overview of attribute max. values and skill penalties/bonuses for each race.

Attr.   Ewok    Gamm.   Human   Itho.   MonC.   Rodi.   Sull.   Twil.   Wook.

STR       70      130     100      90      80      90      60      80     140
DEX      105      140     100      80      95     120      80      60      80
INT       80       60     100     140     115      80     100     115      70
TEC      105       60     100      90     130      85     140     110     115
PER      140       70     100     140      90      90     110     140      60
BRV      100      140     100      60      90     135     110      95     135

Skill   Ewok    Gamm.   Human   Itho.   MonC.   Rodi.   Sull.   Twil.   Wook.

Melee      0       10       0      -7      -1       6      -1      -5       1
Blaster    1        0       0      -3       3       0       2      -3       0
Proj       1       10       0      -5      -1       5      -5     -10      -5
Explo      0        0       0      -6       2       2       6       0       6
Unarmed   -3        8       0      -6      -3       3      -3      -3       9
Dodge      5        1       0       2      -1       1      -1       0      -7
Pilot      1        0       0      -3       3       0       2      -3       0
Astro     -1      -10       0       3       5      -4       5       3      -1
Search    10       -7       0      10      -2      -2       2      10     -10
Hide       5        1       0       2      -1       1      -1       0      -7
Sneak      5        1       0       0      -2       3       2       4       0
Bargain    2       -8       0      10       0      -3       1       6      -8
Compu      1      -10       0      -2       7      -3      10       2       3
Sensors    5       -8       0       3       2      -3       6       6      -3
Medical   -1        0       0       1       1       0      -1      -3      -6
Surv       1        0       0       3      -3      -2      -3       2       0


Ewok: Intelligent omnivores from the forest moon of Endor, Ewoks are known as the species which helped the Rebel Alliance defeat the Empire. Prior to the Battle of Endor, Ewoks were almost entirely unknown, although some traders had visited the planet prior to the Empire's Death Star project.

The creatures stand about one meter tall, and are covered by thick fur. Individuals often wear hoods, decorative feathers, and animal bones. They have very little technology and are a primitive culture, but during the Battle of Endor they demonstrated a remarkable ability to learn and follow commands.

They are quite territorial, but are smart enough to realize that retreat is sometimes the best course of action. They have an excellent sense of smell, although their vision is not as good as that of Humans.

Wicket W. Warrick and Chief Chirpa are two Ewoks which can be seen in the movie Return of the Jedi.

Gamorrean: Gamorreans are green skinned creatures from the planet of Gamorr. They are known for their great strength and brutality. Their tendency towards violence has made them favoured mercenaries throughout the galaxy.

Gamorreans organize themselves into clans. Males dedicate all of their efforts to warfare, while the females are responsible for farming, hunting, weaving, and manufacturing weapons. Gamorreans prefer heavy melee weapons in combat, and the species has a marked distaste for energy weapons, especially during wars on their home world.

A Gamorrean guard can be seen at Jabba's palace in the movie Return of the Jedi.

Human: Humans are the common race of the galaxy. The max for all of their attributes is 100, and they have no bonus on any skill.

Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Leia Organa are a few of the notable Humans in the Star Wars movies.

Ithorian: Ithorians, also known as "Hammerheads", are large, graceful creatures from the Ottega star system. They have a long neck, which curves forward and ends in a dome-shaped head.

Ithorians are perhaps the greatest ecologists in the galaxy. They have a technologically advanced society, but have devoted most of their efforts to preserving the natural and pastoral beauty of their home world's tropical jungles. Ithorians live in great herd cities, which hover above the surface of a planet, and there are many Ithorian herd cities which ply the star lanes, travelling from planet to planet for trade.

Ithorians often find employment as artists, agricultural engineers, ecologists, and diplomats. They are a peace-loving and gentle race.

An Ithorian can be seen at the Mos Eisley bar in the Star Wars movie A New Hope.

Mon Calamari: The Mon Calamari are one of the staunchest supporters of the New Republic. First enslaved by the Empire, these once peaceful beings learned to make weapons and fight, and their assistance, especially in the form of battle cruisers, was essential to the defeat of the Empire.

The Mon Calamari are land creatures, but water is essential to their culture. They are used to moist climates and find arid areas, such as deserts, uncomfortable and unnatural. They share their moist home world with the Quarren species.

In terms of behaviour, they are peaceful and soft-spoken, but forceful. They tend to see life as very organized, and have no tolerance for those who would break or bend laws for personal gain. They have at times come into conflict with organized smuggling operations.

Admiral Ackbar, a Mon Calamari, commands the Alliance flagship in the movie Return of the Jedi.

Rodian: Rodians are a humanoid species with multifaceted eyes, a small snout, and deep green skin. They have a prominent ridge of spines running along the back of their skulls. Their fingers are long and flexible and end in suction cups, with which they can pick up and manipulate small objects.

The Rodians greatly prize the art of bounty hunting, and many have found great success in this throughout the galaxy.

The Rodian named Greedo can be seen at the Mos Eisley bar in the Star Wars movie A New Hope.

Sullustan: Sullustans are jowled, mouse-eared humanoids with large round eyes. They hail from Sullust, a harsh volcanic planet with numerous caves. It is within these caves that this species makes its homes.

Sullustans are known as able pilots and navigators. They have excellent vision and hearing, as well as a good sense of direction.

Sullust is controlled by the huge SoroSuub Corporation, which has enforced harsh work procedures and regulations upon its people. This condition is still preferable to the population than enslavement by the Empire.

Nien Nunb, the Sullustan co-pilot for Lando Calrissian, can be seen in the movie Return of the Jedi.

Twi'lek: Tall, thin humanoids with two huge head tentacles, Twi'leks are cunning, sly creatures who often work as smugglers, pirates, mercenaries, or slavers. They never developed space travel on their own, but have
embraced the community of space farers, and now travel throughout the galaxy.

Twi'leks try to avoid the great conflicts of the galaxy. Rather than be swept up in the raging battles, they prefer to duck into the shadows and wait out the events that will inevitably occur. From a safe hiding spot, they can observe, plan, and prepare - and then profit from the situation.

Bib Fortuna and Oola are two Twi'leks which can be seen in Jabba the Hutt's palace in the movie Return of the Jedi.

Wookiee: Wookiees are intelligent, arboreal creatures from the jungle world of Kashyyyk. They are considered to be one of the strongest sentient species, yet they also exhibit an uncanny knack for repairing and altering

While Wookiees have a reputation for hostility, and many have been known to smash objects when angered, they also possess the capacity for great kindness, a sharp wit, and an appreciation of the qualities of loyalty, honesty, and friendship.

Wookiees have developed much of their own technology, constructing huge cities in the trees of their home world. They also have their own tools and weapons unique to their culture, the most famous of which is the Wookiee bowcaster, or laser crossbow.

The Wookiees were enslaved under the Empire, and since being freed by the New Republic, have become strong supporters of the new government.

The Wookiee named Chewbacca can be seen throughout the Star Wars movies.


As you choose a race, you will get an adornment. This is a list of adornments for each race:

Human: It is a Human, one of billions spread throughout the galaxy.
: It is a Rodian, with scaly green skin and haunting black eyes.
Gamorrean: He is a hulking Gamorrean, with thick green skin and a bad attitude.
Ewok: He is an adorable Ewok, from the forest moon of Endor.
Ithorian: He is a peaceful Ithorian who respects all forms of life.
Mon Calamari: He is a Mon Calamari, a gentle amphibian who has taken to the stars.
Sullustan: He is a Sullustan, a master of the technical skills.
Twi'lek: He is a Twi'lek, a cunning being with twin head tentacles.
Wookiee: He is a huge, furred Wookiee, strong in body and will.