KoBra various

Some things just happen. Other things you just encounter, find or 'it' finds you. The strangest 'want to knows' that do not even seemingly belong to specific projects are described on this page.

Space police: This will scare the crap out of you. Chances are that you will, when you are least expecting it, be boarded by the space police. They will radio you and you will think: 'WTF!?!'. They also say they'll be checking for forbidden substances and alcohol (of course you will be drunk at that time). You will fear the things to come.  You will get a "fine" and this adornment.

No worries though. This is all fun and games. Some Jedi once coded this great feature. Enjoy what is about to happen. Let the first time this happens to you pass. Next time, kill the damn cop. You'll get an adornment

Strange Console: On some planets you will find a strange console.  This kill statistics console has been developed to show people their kill  proficiency. It also includes detailed statistics on all mortals as well as a toplist. This toplist is dynamic, meaning all scores are lowered by  40% once a month. This does not influence the ranking at that moment, but  it will give younger players a chance to get into the high scores. In  calculating scores it also takes the level and stamina amount into  account. So a level 1 can be top killer just like a level 19. Recording of kill statistics started at January 16 2001. If you are one of the top five killers you get this adornment.