Honoghr - Fixer (ck)

Points : 30
Authors : Reign
Last modified : 18/05/2017


A holo-emission shows a nasty-looking Noghri looking straight at you.
The Noghri starts speaking:

  We have a shortage of staff in Terak's castle on Honoghr. We need 
  someone who can perform some tasks for us. I cannot tell you what 
  the tasks will be at the moment, but there is a lot that we just 
  don't get around to. If you are interested in making some money
  and finding some new challenges, please ask the general about
  these tasks. He will give you more details.

The hologram shimmers and disappears.

Note: The mission is aimed at experienced explorers, or players with
      friends that are experienced explorers. Cooperative playing is


Note: There is a screwdriver on Honoghr but its in possession of a jawa in
      the castle trash dump.  He may have another use.
Note: All paths use the main castle hallway when possible, castle wall paths
      often need a 2x light source.

Prior to Mission Start:
  * Obtain screwdriver from Bunker on Apok Darr
  * Obtain the lantern from Sankturi on Apok Darr

Screwdriver (from Apok landing bay):
n, w, n, w, push button, enter car, push go,
u, n, u, out, w, nw, 3n, stare at camera, 3d, 2e, take screwdriver
2w, 3u, 3s, se, e, enter, d, s, d, push button,
enter car, push go, e, s, e, s.

Lantern (from Apok landing bay):
ride speeder, n, 3e, s, e, take lantern
w, n, 3w, s, rider speeder.

Mission is Step Restartable, across reboots:

  * <ask general about task>

Start the Mission (Directions from Landing Bay)

  * 7n, door
  * Kill Guard (L15) to access Castle.  There may be a way to get past him
    without killing him
  * 2n, 4e, 3n, <ask general about task>
  * 5s, 2e, s, <give form to tsahkra>

Receive Task: Johnny-5 Needs Maintenance

  * take pliers
  * Get a Screwdriver
    * There is a screwdriver on the jawa in the trash dump but he may have
      another use.  So, get the one from the Bunker on Apok-Darr.
  * Get a new motivator
    * n, 3w, sw, open hatch, enter hatch, se
    * trip droid, kill it then take the motivator
    * s, 2w, u, 8e, s, e
  * Repair Johnny-5
    * Wield Screwdriver
    * Uninstall Motivator
    * Wield Pliers
    * Install Motivator
  * Complete Task
    * w, n, 2e, 2s, 2e, s
    * n, 2w, 5n, <give form to general>
    * 3s, 2w, s, s, w, <give form to mobvekhar>

Receive Task: Negotiate Ore Contract

  * take paper
  * e, 2n, 2w, 10s, Take a Ship to Endor
  * On Endor: 2d, 2se, climb tree, swing vine
  * 2n, w, negotiate contract, e, 2s, swing vine, 2d,
  * 2nw, 2u, Take a Ship back to Honoghr
  * 7n, door, 2n, 2e, 2s, w, <give paper to mobvekhar>
  * e, 2n, 2e, 3n, <give form to general>
  * 4s, e, s, <give form to gharakh>

Receive Task: Kill Toloran Chief Administrator (L19)

  * take sword
  * n, w, n, 4w, 2s, out, 7s, Take a Ship to Panto-Prime
  * On Panto-Prime: n, Take Panto Cab to Toloran
  * On Toloran: 5e, enter, s, enter door,
  * Wait for Employee (L?) to attack then kill him and take glasses.
  * wield sword, kill administrator, take all, out, n, exit
  * 5w, Take Panto Cab back to Panto-Prime
  * On Panto-Prime: s, Take a Ship Back to Honoghr
  * 7n, door, 2n, 4e, s, e, s, give sword to gharakh
  * n, w, 4n, <give form to general>
  * 5s, w, sw, open hatch, enter hatch, se, s, 4e, 2n, <give form to bolpuhr>

Receive Task: Kill Fringe on Crimson

  * 2s, 2e, 2d, 6w, crawl behind tent, increase light, enter hole
  * climb ladder, enter hatch, climb steps, u, 2w, enter hatch
  * take kouhun, out, 2e, 5s, out, 7s, Take ship to Crimson
  * On Crimson: s, w, 3s, <deliver kouhun to fringe>, 3n, e, n
  * Take Ship to Honoghr
  * On Honoghr: 7n, door, 2n, 4e, 2s, w, sw, open hatch, enter hatch
  * se, s, 4e, 2n, <give kouhun to bolpuhr>
  * 2s, 2e, u, 2w, 2n, give form to general

Receive Task: Kill Jodid on the Latem

  - He has been depriving us of shipments and food
  - See Charal to get a package to assist with the kill
  * 3s, 10w, d3, 2e, crawl behind tent, increase light, enter hole
  * climb ladder, enter hatch, climb steps, u, 2w, enter hatch
  * take pouch, out, 2e, 5s, out, 7s
  * Hop in a ship, Launch then board the Latem, out
  * On Latem: n, ne, e, ne, 5n, nw, 2w, n, e
  * Take everything from pouch and be ready to send the attacks one right
    after another.  Aliases were most helpful for this. Also it is possible
    to enter the commands too fast just keep trying.
    * 1) <splash poison on jodid>
    * 2) <deliver kouhun to jodid>
    * 3) inject jodid
  * w, s, 2e, se, 5s, sw, w, sw, s
  * Hop in a ship, launch, orbit, land, out
  * On Honoghr: 7n, door, 2n, 4e, 3n,

* The Choice
  * Decide if you are going to use the Knife on Jodid or Zorak
  * When you get the text "NOW!" throw the knife.  If you throw it too soon
    you will get a message about the dagger needs to be saved for something.

* Finale
  * 3s, 4w, 3n, bribe guard, type the code, 2w

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