Honoghr - Ancient History (hu)

Points : 2
Other rewards : 3000 credits, nice kills
Static : yes
Minimum level : high (heavy killing)
Authors : Pval, Picard
Last change : converted to html. Complete.
Last modified : 30112002


A treasure is hidden deep in the Honoghr hills. Find it and the MPs are yours.


Q: What am I looking for?
A: Take a close look at the slopes. What's out of the ordinary?

Q: The beams destruct everything, but what's it about?
A: Aim at a wall.


Charal protects a wooden key in the haystack in the dungeon. Player should get it. With the key, in the throne, a mechanism can be started. This makes the spears in the hallway start to move. After a couple of seconds, they start shooting, hitting every player in the room with some damage.

The laser beams ricochet off of the shields, but also of the breast-shield  that the guard is wearing. Player gets a hint that the shields can be aimed at certain objects. The goal is to aim at the northern wall. If player aims at something else, that object will be obliterated according to the text. Otherwise the wall will be destroyed and a hole will appear, allowing the player to enter. In that room, there is a reward of about 3000 credits.

From bays:
7*n, exa slope, exa depression, exa hatch, enter hatch, kill guard, get all from corpse, wear breastplate, n, w, kill terak (level 19), adjust spear, kill charal (level 19), kill stallion (level 17 - both fight when one is attacked), search (hay)stack(s), get/take key, out, e, aim shield at northern wall, w, exa throne, exa armrests, exa hole, turn key in hole, e, exa hole, enter hole, get money.

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