Honoghr - Heal Noghri (il)

Points : 4
Other rewards : none
Static : yes
Minimum level :
Authors : Anastasia, Jave, Starfighter, Ahriahnah
Last change : complete
Last modified : 30112002


There is a recently-discovered village in the North-Eastern part of Honoghr. From bays, go about 4n, all the way east. There's a path through the mountains. Because the villagers never met any other peoples, they catch all kinds of new diseases. If only their shaman knew about anti-biotics.


Q: I can't find a thing in the shed.
A: It may not be pitch-black anymore, but it's still pretty dark.

Q: I can't find a thing in the shed.
A: Maybe your ability to find things is crap. Try 'search floor' or 'search walls'.


n, n, n, e, e, e, e, e, e, ne, n, ne, e, ne, e, kill both troopers (antibiotic), e, s, s, look under bench (cup), e, se, s, kill worker (bucket), w, nw, n, se, enter shed, search floor or walls (need 2x light source), out, nw, attach hook to bucket, take bucket, lower bucket into well, fill cup with water, dissolve antibiotic, w, enter hut, give cup to shaman

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