Honoghr - Please God (jw)

Points : 7
Other rewards : none
Static : no
Minimum level : Medium (some killing)
Authors : Dcruze, Blitzkrieg
Last change : Complete
Last modified : 13/10/2018


From Honoghr bays, go all the way north to the castle, then door, and kill the guard. When he is dead, go 2n, 2w, s and kill the witch for her Ring of Creation.

From there, go n, 2e, 3n. If you have completed the Fixer mission already, you can simply go west from here. If not, you'll have to <bribe guard> first, then enter the code he gives you to get access.

Note: You'll need another player to help you with the next part. Have them come to you, and give them the Ring of Creation.

All players should go all the way west to the throne room, west part. Here there is an altar. The idea is that you need to wear a piece of phantom armour, then pray at the altar and you will be transported to the Gods.

The assisting player should wear the ring, then <chant meditate armour> to create a piece of phantom armour. It is important that the assisting player does not issue any other command after doing this, since it will make the piece of armour disappear instantly.

You (as the player wanting to complete the mini) will have to <look>, get the piece of armour, wear it, then <pray>. After a short period of time you will leave your body and get transported to outside of reality.

Note: When this happens, it is ok for the assisting player to move again.

Depending on your alignment you will either meet a good Goddess named Mikh'Rhim, or an evil God named Rakh'Nor. The following are their respective speeches to you...

Mikr'Rhim says: Hello Mortal.
Mikr'Rhim says: I am honoured to have you visit the small corner of the universe I call home.
Mikr'Rhim says: By performing the right ritual, you have shown to be a smart person.
Mikr'Rhim says: You can consider figuring out that ritual a test. Now your exam will start.
Mikr'Rhim says: It's actually simple. I am going to ask you but a single thing.
Mikr'Rhim says: You will have to figure out the answer.
Mikr'Rhim says: If your answer is correct, I will reward you.
Mikr'Rhim says: Otherwise, you will have to leave me be for as long as this universe exists.
Mikr'Rhim says: Think well before you answer me.
Mikr'Rhim says: My assignment for you is the following:
Mikr'Rhim says: In this corner of the universe, find me the single most essential 
Mikr'Rhim says: representative of everything I stand for.
Mikr'Rhim says: Touch it and then come back to me.
Mikr'Rhim says: Now go. Take your time. Don't rush it.
Rakh'Nor says: Hmmmm.
Rakh'Nor says: You look small...
Rakh'Nor says: But at least you have proven to have at least a marginal amount of
Rakh'Nor says: intellect by drawing my attention.
Rakh'Nor says: Be glad I am in a good mood today and allowed you to enter here.
Rakh'Nor says: I could just as well have your spirit roam the universe forever. I still
Rakh'Nor says: might actually, if you disappoint me.
Rakh'Nor says: I am growing tired with my assistants and I need a replacement sometime soon.
Rakh'Nor says: You have a somewhat dark mind and a fragment of intelligence.
Rakh'Nor says: You could be a candidate.
Rakh'Nor says: But you won't get it just like that. I will test you now.
Rakh'Nor says: My assistants have been preparing some nice scenarios for me.
Rakh'Nor says: I want you to assess all of them and pick one for me.
Rakh'Nor says: I want it to be the best. I will not accept anything less.
Rakh'Nor says: I doubt you will be able to do it, but humor me.
Rakh'Nor says: Now get out of here before I spread your spirit all over creation.
Rakh'Nor says: Don't come back here until you have made your choice!
Rakh'Nor says: Move.
Rakh'Nor says: NOW!

In the surrounding rooms, you will either find pictures (good), or pools with liquid you can stare at (evil). They will depict scenes, the idea here is to find the scene the God prefers the most. Below are lists of scenarios, ranked in order of preference with the best one at the top.

Both Gods have eight possible scenarios, but only four scenarios will exist at any given time. Given four scenes, the last three on the lists below will never be the correct answers, so they are colored gray.

Mikr'Rhim's scnenarios:

Item Description
Books You see a group of people sitting together and discussing some book. You see men and women participating in the debate. Children are listening eagerly and learning from what their parents are saying.
Water You see a mixed image of rivers, aquaducts, taps, fountains, wells, moisture farms, water cleaning installations and ice transports. After a moment, the image gets replaced by creatures quenching their thirst.
Food You see fragments of images in which a large diversity of creatures are consuming food. Some creatures are eating meat, some are eating vegetables, fruits and nuts and some eat it all. They all seem to enjoy their meals.
Instruments You see musical instruments of all sorts being played by people of various races. The bystanders seem to enjoy the music, dancing and relaxing to it.
Money The most wonderful riches are depicted in large quantities. Money of all sorts, historical, current and yet unknown currencies form large stacks. Everyone seems to have plenty of it; there seems to be no poverty.


A large group of people guard a city. They are of many races and have all kinds of weapons at their disposal, varying from simple wooden clubs to vibro-axes, from catapult to blaster rifle, from knife to lightsaber and from battle-tank to ion cannon. The army doesn't seem to be preparing for assault though. It is like they keep sharp for any possible attack.


There is a large marketplace, filled with clothes merchants. People are wearing beautiful clothes of the finest quality and there doesn't seem to be a limit to the variety available on the marketplace.


A person is sitting on the couch. His eyes are closed and a smile lies on his face. On the table you see a large collection of pills, powders and fluids. It is obvious that he has used a stimulant to reach his current state of mind.

Rakh'Nor's scnenarios:

Item Description
Mosquito You see many types of insects crawling around in dark and dirty places. Another part of the image shows the same insects biting and stinging people and crawling in their food.
Religion A man holding a leather-bound book fanatically speeches in front of a large crowd of agitated people. The people cheer and wave with a multitude of weapons. In the background, you see large groups of people preparing to travel and convert other people.
Greed Two people are standing in front of their houses. One of them has a large, beautiful house and the other a small and ill-maintained one. The person with the small house is walking towards the other with a pistol in his hand, his eyes burning with greed.
Meteor A large shower of meteorites travels through space on a trajectory towards hitting a large planet. Tall tails of rubble follow in the meteors' path, adding to the threat for the planet.
War Large armies face each other in space, in the air, on land and in and on the water. Ships, airplanes, tanks, space crafts, mounted soldiers and foot soldiers attack each other in every possible way. Blood flows by the gallon and many a life is lost.


A big volcano spits its ashes over a large environment, while a wide stream of fluid lava slowly pours down the sides of the mountain. It burns away everything in its path, burying the remains in several meters of lava.


A small crowd of very thin people have collected around a near-dead tree in the middle of an unending desert. There doesn't seem to be anything living apart from these people and the tree. In the desert, you only see rocks and sand. It looks like neither the people nor the tree will survive much longer.


A large array of grenade and missile launchers are aimed at an enemy area. The grenades explode in the middle of the ground forces, while the missiles ward off airborne and far-off targets. Cities are covered in a cloud of explosives, turning it into large piles of rubble.

When you have identified the most coveted scenario (the one closest to the top) out of the scenarios given, either <touch picture> or <touch image> and return to the God. Then type <accept> to complete the mini.


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