Honoghr - Final Defense (jx)

Points : 7
Other rewards : none
Static : no
Minimum level : Medium (some killing)
Authors : Dcruze
Last change : Complete
Last modified : 06/03/2020


From Honoghr bays, go all the way north to the castle, then door, and kill the guard. After the guard is dead, go 2n, 4e, 2s, and you will be at the barracks, with Ahk'laht, an elderly Noghri. He is fiddling with a gadget, and if you wait around he will tell you that you can ask him about it; ask noghri about gadget.

The old man whispers to you: I have a nice gadget. You could ask me about it
 if you were interested.
The man says: When I was a young lad, I worked in dangerous environments.
              The air was either toxic or radioactive over half of the time, 
              but we found something to contain that. We just put it all 
              behind a strong force field. It was top-of-the-bill quality, 
              something you won't find anymore these days, mind you! 
              Of course we had to be able to get inside the field, so we 
              came up with this little gadget that would bring it down 
              anytime it was activated close to such a field. And I still 
              have one of these little gadgets.
The man giggles sillily.
The man says: If you're interested, you can just 'buy gadget' for the low 
              price of 5000 credits!	

Buy gadget, then go 2n, 2w, n to the bar. Here buy three drinks; buy pink (x3), then go south and give all the drinks to the drunk, who will give you a pen with a triangular tip.

Go 4e, 2d, 6w, and kick the door until it breaks. This will take a number of tries, and it will harm you slightly every time you kick, so you may have to leave to heal. When the door is gone, go n, and ne to enter the Computer Center.

Here, search machines, then exa cube and you will see a small metal cube with a triangle-shaped hole in it. Insert pen into hole to complete the mini.


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