Hoth - Deactivate Ion Cannon (be)

Points : 23
Other rewards : 15k credits, adornment, 10k exp at level 5
Static : yes
Minimum level : medium
Authors : Lsd, Pval, Windryder, Geez
Last change : Updated name
Last modified : 31/05/2021


It looks like an intercepted part of an Imperial transmission!

A golden-coloured three-dimensional holographic image of an Imperial Star
Destroyer commander stands in front of you, and says:

"Yes, my Lord. The Avenger will set course to the Hoth system and move
into orbit immediately!"

The commander seems to listen to an invisible person at the other end of the
transmission for a moment, and suddenly he turns pale.

"We shall double our efforts! The ion cannon at the Rebel hide-out will
be deactivated before the rest of the fleet moves out of light-speed!!!"

Slowly the hologram drowns in static, and fades out.


Q: I can't find any keys!
A: Rebel officers keep these valuable keys under constant watch.

Q: I've searched the whole base and I am missing one key.
A: One officer was reported missing during an ice field recon mission.


Near Hoth

board avenger, out, s, sw, s, w, kill the officer or steal the AvenSec pass. e, s, s, enter vent, e, e, d, search rack (to get body glove with heat unit) u, w, w, d, n, n, n, ne, n (back at the bays) s, s, press 5 (will take you to level 5 of the Avenger) Once the relocator stops: n, door, sign pad. At this the officer will give you the device that you need to put the keys in. Now you are ready for the planet: s, press 1, n, n. Enter your ship and land on Hoth.

Once you land, use the body glove <at least until you get inside the base>: wear unit, activate unit

When you land go e until you can't go any (3) further, then go n until you can't go any further (6). Count the moves in both directions otherwise you will have a tough job finding your ship back!: w, w, w, w, w, n to enter the base.

Version 1

Look around and you'll find 3 officers carrying a code key. First try to steal the keys, so you wont have to fight. The fourth officer is located a level higher. Take one of the two lifts to that level. This one also has a security badge you'll need. On this level is also located the entrance to ion cannon. In the recreation room is a janitor carrying a yellow keycard. Take it from him. You'll need it to get to the officers rooms. One of the officers (a tough one that has key 5).

Now search for a cave on the ice-waste for a cave. Beware that the thermo suit won't work well in the night part of the ice-waste (so you'll still freeze). In the cave lies the corpse of the officer that was missing. He's got key 6 on him. Then return to the base, go to level 2 and enter the tower containing the ion-cannon. activate device and insert device. Then return to the Avenger and go to the commander to complete the mission.

Version 2

You are now looking for 6 keys that fit into the device. One of these keys is on the corpse of an officer in a Wampa Ice Creatures cave. <seems to move the landing bay each reboot, but the cave was one west of where I landed> Get the key from the corpse <may not be a corpse, may be just lying there>. Go west and use force aura. 'Explore walls' and remember the numbers. Later you will have to twist the device a certain number of degrees, these are the numbers. The first number is the horizontal; the second the vertical.

Go all the way north <you'll either run right into the base or need to go west one more> ignore the bum at the entrance. The deck officer just north of him has a key. Go north all the way and you'll find another key carrying officer. South [x4], e, ne, to find the communications officer and another key. sw, w, n, n, e, should bring you to the janitor with the yellow door card. You need it too. Back w, s, s, w, w, s, should bring you to the General's quarters. He has another key <you need the door card to get in here>.

Ok, go back to the first deck officer was and go e, lift. This gets you upstairs. Go north twice and you'll find a security officer with the last key and a badge. You need them both. Once they are yours, go e, then all the way up. You have to insert each key individually. Then 'twist device <horizontally/vertically> with <x> degrees. Remember the numbers from the cave? Then 'put device in slot' and you're done. Go back to the Avenger and get your reward. You get 5k if you've dome the mission before.

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