KoBra space station

KoBra space station is the  central hub in the universe and most facilities are available. KoBra Space Station is a neutral area and is not meant for killing. It is meant as a meeting place and a place to provide services. You can call it the administrative centre of the KoBra universe. A little and easy mission is available here and you can waste some time on a tricky mini.

On this station you can find a teller machine, a shop, several bulletin boards on general topics, a mail-terminal, a Bacta-tank, R2D2 holding mission descriptions, several mobiles with information on planets and locations, a skill school, an attribute school, the advancement office, the wedding office, a power tap and a game level. There's a bar on the main floor of this planet, at the south side.

You can buy spaceships on KoBra space station. This can be done by depositing credits into a savings account. If you have enough money, you can buy your own spaceship to fly around and to store your items in when you log out. You can also buy and sell some spaceship equipment there, like an autopilot, a powertap, a mail-terminal, etc.

KoBra space station is the home of the Plutar Society, where you can buy stamina.