Ladriz - Ladriz University (ad)

Points : 40
Other rewards : Adornment, optional shimmering rose-coloured ring
Static : no
Minimum level : 14+ (some killing)
Authors : Pequisto, Dcruze
Last change : Updated walkthrough
Last modified : 12/04/2021


The figure of a silhouetted humanoid whose features are hidden, appears:

  "Please... there isn't much time.  Dark Forces are in the process of
   taking over Ladriz Global University.  Myself and another have been
   painstakingly investigating this at the risk of our careers and even
   our lives."
A loud bang sounds and the silhouetted individual jumps with fright.
  "No, please no!  I think they've found me out.  We were so close to
   exposing this corruption.  Please help us."
There is another loud bang followed by the voice of a woman:

  "You can't hide from us.  We KNOW everything.  I'll show you what a
   safe space means."   
The silhouetted figure steps back, trembling.  He turns to you again:

  "It's too late for me.  Come and find Gamda.  The takeover of Ladriz
   Global University must be stopped before they poison the minds of our
   youth.  Don't trust the Chancellor!  We NEED you."
Suddenly, there is a loud crash as if a wall or a door has been blown
inward.  Dust and debris cloud the scene and the silhouetted humanoid
is levitated and thrown before the image cuts-out.


From Ladriz bays, go n, 2e.

Take note of the mean student who usually spawns in this room, you will need to kill him later.

A pamphlet will land on your face. Read the front and back. It tells you to register at the Registrar's Office to begin your education.

Go ne, 2w, 2n and wait. Watch the event playing out on the top of the roof...

Some movement from high above you draws your attention.
There seems to be a figure standing precariously close to the edge of the
building roof.
You hope he or she doesn't plan on jumping.
Perhaps you should find a way up there to talk them out of doing anything

Next go 2s, 2e, enter, 2n, office. Exa sign, register. You have a choice between opthalmology, otology, and geography. Pick any of the first two, just make sure you do not select geography. In the rest of this walkthrough, it is assumed you pick opthalmology.

Go out, s, e, up, e, d. You're inside the library. If you want, you can wait for the mean student to arrive in this room, both him and the nasty student in this room have some valuable clues...

Human student says: Recently, I set off a firecracker in the large alcove
 outside the Chancellor's office, the Falleen guard got furious.  Hahaha!

The Rodian student says: When I'm done here, I think I'll go to the alcove
 and use these firecrackers to mess with the Falleen.

Kill both the mean and nasty students and get their firecrackers. If you don't want to wait around for the mean student, then you can track him down on the university grounds.

Next, insert finger, you get a student id and an opthalmology book, and it tells you to go find your lab.

         |   |   |   |   |
         |       |       |
       -[I] [S]-[I]-    [I]-
         |       |   |   |
         |   |   |       |
       -[I]    -[I]-[N] [I]-
         |       |       |
         |   |   |   |   

        [P]     [T]     [G]         

   A student's lab will be in the last corridor room that they visit,
   excluding the * corridor rooms

C = Outer Corridor (access check required) | I,* = Inner Corridor 
G = Geography Lab | T = Otology Lab | P = Opthalmology Lab
N = Nanorobotics Lab | S = Supply Room

Go u, out, w, n, w. You use your student id to gain entrance to the inner corridor that contains the labs. This area can be a bit confusing, since you will get frequently lost in the corridors. Your lab will always be in the last corridor segment that you visit in this area (excluding the entrance and the center).

Keep reading the sign until it reads Opthalmology Lab, then enter that room.

J3PO says: Greetings. Welcome to the Opthalmology Lab.
J3PO says: As this is considered a self-study course, please listen
 carefully to the following instructions...
J3PO says: To begin, you will be required to connect directly into the
 neural interface.  You may do so with .
J3PO says: This process is quick, easy and very educational with
 no (known) side effects.
J3PO says: I am here should you require anything else.

Now <connect interface> and wait until the process finishes.

J3PO gently pushes you into an armchair.
You feel slightly nervous at this newfangled method of learning.
J3PO takes your Opthalmology book and places it into a small compartment
beneath the armchair.
J3PO moves behind the armchair and you hear some typing on a keyboard.
J3PO says: You may feel some discomfort but try to relax.
You close your eyes and prepare yourself for something horrible.
Suddenly, you feel a cold, stinging sensation at the base of your skull as
the neural connector is jammed into your brain stem.
In your mind's eye, you see a thousand images flashing by very quickly.
You relax a little as the images begin to taper-off.
You feel the neural connector removed from your brain stem.
J3PO says: Course completed.  Well done.
J3PO says: You may continue your work in the Nanorobotics Lab.
You lithely slide out of the armchair and immediately feel more
knowledgeable about Opthalmology.  You retrieve your book.

The droid tells you to continue your work in the Nanorobotics Lab, so that will be your next destination. Go out, and the lab will be 2w, n, e from the entrance.

Inside the lab, exa droid, request assistance.

You ask Q7AX to prepare some nanorobots.
Q7AX says: Yes, certainly.  Please give me a moment.
Q7AX removes a small capsule from a cabinet and places it in a centrifuge.
Q7AX switches on the centrifuge and it begins to spin with a low whirring.
Q7AX says: I will require a sample of your blood.
Q7AX jabs your arm with a syringe.  OW!
Q7AX extracts some blood from your arm, moves to a centrifuge and removes
a tube from the syringe, placing it in a different centrifuge.
Q7AX removes the capsule from the first centrifuge and empties its liquid
contents into a beaker.
Q7AX continues do some work near a piece of unidentifiable equipment.
Q7AX produces a vial and examines it under a microscope.
Q7AX moves to the incubation chamber, punches in some commands on a pad and
places the vial inside it via a small door.
After several moments, Q7AX removes the vial from the incubation chamber and
examines it under a microscope again.
You receive a small syringe from Q7AX.
You receive a vial of nanorobots.

exa vial, exa syringe, load, inject.

You grab the syringe and shove the needle at an upward angle into your left
You push down on the plunger and inject yourself with the contents
before tossing the syringe away.

You feel a little strange.

Everything goes black and an intense pain begins to form behind your eyes.
You feel like you might die.
Your vision slowly returns to normal.
You suddenly feel as though you are perceiving things differently.

You now have an Ocular Dampener installed, this will come in handy later.

Go out, and s, 3e, s, 2w. This is the Large Alcove the mean student talked about. Now, press button. There is a Falleen Guard here that blocks you from seeing the Chancellor. You could try to kill him, but it would be pointless, you cannot kill him.

Instead, go out back to the alcove, then light torch, light fuse, drop firecracker. The firecracker will go off and the guard will arrive. Now quickly, press button, then steps and you will be in the Chancellor's Office. There is nothing you can do with the Chancellor for now, but there is a window here you can open, open window, out.

You're now on the roof, and there's a man here standing dangerously close to the edge, exa maa, ask maa about his problem.

You ask Gamda Maa about his problem.
Gamda Maa says: It all started when the two new professors arrived...
Gamda Maa says: The Chancellor was convinced that they would be good for the
 university.  I was not.
Gamda Maa says: Sure they are very skilled... Almost too skilled for being
Gamda Maa says: I can sense something about them.  I can't say what it is,
 but it's something evil.
Gamda Maa says: A few days ago they found out that I was working to get them
 fired.  I was called to the Chancellor's office and then they...
Gamda Maa says: They did something to me.
Gamda Maa says: Now they are in my head.
Gamda Maa says: I see pictures of indescribable horror.
Gamda Maa says: Death and despair... It's like I can see things through
 their eyes.
Gamda Maa says: And everything is so... so distorted and evil... and it's
 driving me insane.
Gamda Maa says: I know they control the Chancellor now too. Edenius is their
 slave, follows their every command...
Gamda Maa says: I don't know what they are after.  All I know is that
 somebody must stop them.
Gamda Maa says: But it's too late for me now.
Gamda Maa says: They've drained all of what remains of my strength.
 I'm dying...
Gamda Maa says: You must help us! You must face the evil.
Gamda Maa says: You must do it! For the sake of the future.

The Psychiatrist gives you a solemn look and then collects the little
strength he has left and leaps off the building.

You throw yourself forward trying to catch him, but too late.

Leaning over the edge you see his twisting body fall to the ground. You
look away and a quiet thump from below upholds the sometimes cruel nature
of gravity.

You notice something on the ledge. The Psychiatrist must have dropped it
before he jumped.

There is a plastic keycard lying on the ground here, get keycard, exa keycard. Before you proceed to the next part, make sure you have one or two torches.

Now go back, back, out, e, 2d. Exa door, open door. You enter an underground tunnel.

NOTE: Be careful in this room and don't move anywhere yet!

You will notice sparks from the ground. Exa ground, exa discoloration, exa part, exa pool, exa cable, pull cable.

There was an electrical cable half-submerged in a pool of water here, and if you had walked east, you would have surely died (soft-death).

Go east, this room is very dark and needs an additional light source, use your aura if you have it, or light another torch.

Exa corpse, exa arm, exa hole, search hole, get pad. You find a broken holo pad. You need to find a way to fix it.

Go w, out, u, e, 2n, press button to open the door to the turbolift, then go north. The turbolift itself is broken, but exa ceiling and you will notice a small emergency hatch, climb hatch.

Exa cable, and you will see one cable that you can climb, climb cable. You are now clinging onto a cable, exa cable again, then climb down.

You're now in the Turbolift Maintenance Central, and ther's a technician here that's in a bit of a conundrum, he's caught in a cable and is hanging upside down, you can help him down and he will give you a small kit with precision screwdrivers.

This is what you need to repair the holo pad, repair pad. Now <play message> and listen to what it says...

The holo pad is working. You play the message.
An unfamiliar voice, you suspect it's the librarian's, begins speaking in a
trembling voice.

Voice says: Please Edenius, you must listen to me!
Voice says: You know how hard Gamda and I have tried to convince you that
 Mork and his colleagues are dangerous and that we must remove them from the
Voice says: Well, now I've finally found the proof.
Voice says: I found it in a book.  The book of the dark prophecy.
Voice says: I showed it to Gamda earlier this morning, but it was of no
 interest to him.
Voice says: I fear Mork has done something to his mind.
Voice says: He seemed so distant.
Voice says: Anyway, later this morning Mork stormed into the library.
Voice says: I heard him coming, so I hid under my desk.
Voice says: He poked around in the library for a few minutes and when he
 finally left and I dared to move, I noticed that he had taken with him
 every single book we have about the old Sith culture.
Voice says: Yes, you heard right... I suspect them to be Sith.
Voice says: I can't believe Gamda had tipped him off - not knowingly anyway.
Voice says: But I was prepared, I had already hidden the dark book.
Voice says: Find the book and read chapter 12.
Voice says: If that isn't enough proof...
Voice says: Well, then I don't know what is.
Voice says: I hid it in a place "Where shoes aren't needed and clothes
 aren't right, but where you could end up if you're picking a fight."

The recording stops.

Go up, swing back, hatch, press 1, 3s, e, u, w, s to enter the Dojo. Mork Daeth is here, the instructor the librarian was warning the Chancellor about!

Make sure you're geared up, then attempt to kill him. You don't have a good enough reason to attack him yet, so he'll put an end to the fight - but not until he also sends you straight through a panorama window and you land in the pool below.

'Hmm, where shoes aren't needed and clothes aren't right...'

Exa bottom, exa dark, exa grate, pull grate. A small package floats up, get object, tear plastic, and you find a book entitled, 'The Book of the Dark Prophecy'. Read the book.

The book is so thick, you can't possibly read everything.
You flip through to Chapter 12 at once.
You find this chapter to be a little shorter than the others.

Chapter 12:
 'Fire burned the ground, heavy clouds hovered.  A distant
  thunder... blblbl'.
You roll your eyes.  Old Mahn sure had a sense for drama.

You skip forward a bit.  Between two pages you find a small bookmark.
 '... Men without faces dressed in scholarly gowns.  Leading a scion of
  young along the path of an rising dark sun.  Strong in mind and dark
  in soul they will not stop for... blblbl'


You turn the page and find a picture.  Mahn has created an illustration
next to the text: quite a nice little drawing.  It appears to be the dark
scion he was referring to.  The dark heir marches on a road of skulls and in
the distance a dark sun burns the land.  One of the dark men in the front
row seems somewhat familiar to you.

A dark cloak and a black straggly haircut. The hair on your neck stands on
end.  The man in the 5,000 year-old picture is without a doubt:
Mork Daeth! Guess that's proof enough alright... Something about this is
utterly wrong.  Standing behind him is a woman with blood-red hair.
There are too many coincidences here...

You close the book.  You know what you have to do.

You now have enough proof to attack Mork Daeth! Go out, e, u, w, s. Make sure you're completely healed before you attack him, then fight him until he dies, he might throw you back into the pool a couple of times before he dies, putting you at very low health. Remember that you can use the chapel in Meinbitz to sober on Ladriz if you have the money.

When he dies, he will drop the Cloak of Fear. Pick it up, you are going to need it later.

Now go n, e, d, w, s, out. Then 2e, n, 3e, enter, n. There is a door here with a keypad next to it, you will need to solve a puzzle before it will open, exa keypad.

You can push any of the 16 buttons, except the ones that do not have letters assigned to them. The idea here is to have each color (red, yellow, greeen, blue) only appear once per row and column. You will also notice that the 4x4 grid is further divided into 2x2 regions, each color should also only appear once in each 2x2 region.

Basically this is a 2x2 Sudoku puzzle, with colors instead of numbers, and black symbolizing a blank grid.

After you solve the puzzle, go down into the basement. Here there are four pedestals, and since you have an implant installed, they give you additional clues when you examine them; exa triangle, exa square, exa pentagon, exa hexagon.

Shape Clue item Direction (from bays)
Triangle a plant leaf n, 2e, ne, enter, 2n, office, exa plant leaf
Triangle an electric torch 2n, 2w, 3n, enter hatch, 2d, 7w, s, exa torch
Square some engine fluid 2n, 2e, 3n, 2ne, garage, exa fluid
Square a used syringe d, rent pod, pull 1, out, u, 3n, e, exa syringe
Pentagon a brown bush 2n, 4e, se, exa bush
Pentagon some feces d, rent pod, pull 3, out, u, 2s, e, enter, exa feces
Hexagon a nice cushion 2n, 2w, 3n, 2e, s, u, exa cushion
Hexagon some soft light d, rent pod, pull 2, out, u, s, e, n, exa soft light

The clues are room items you have to examine that will provide the correct orientation for the given pedestal. It will be randomized which clue is active each reset. When you have found them all, return to this room and turn the dials until a door opens.

Go north and you will find the Liberal Arts professor, listen to what she has to say...

Lersizan turns to you menacingly.
Lersizan smiles coldly.
Lersizan says: You don't belong here.
Lersizan says: How you managed to find me or this chamber is... quite
Lersizan raises an eyebrow.
Lersizan asks: I assume you're here to try and stop us?
Lersizan glares at you.
Lersizan says: We have been oppressed for too long.
Lersizan says: This plan has been years in the making.
Lersizan says: The Sith identified Ladriz is a fertile ground for sowing
 the seeds of change.
Lersizan sighs.
Lersizan asks: What better way to introduce the Dark Side to young pupils
 than to inject them directly at an institution of higher learning?
Lersizan says: We preyed on the Chancellor's weaknesses and now carry more
 power than we could ever have imagined.
Lersizan stares at you coldly.
You feel the ground rumble beneath you.
Lersizan says: There is no way for you to stop us.  This futile
 microaggressive posturing on your part is nothing more than that.
Lersizan asks: Are you ready for a fight?
Lersizan cracks her knuckles.

When you are ready, fight her. She will be weakened since you have an implant installed, but it also means that you will not get her ring, which has an offensive special. If you want that, you need to solve the pedestal puzzle blindly - meaning you will need to check all the possible locations since the pedestals will not tell you which item is needed.

When she dies, she will leave behind a green keycard. This will get you into the supply room, which is your next destination. Go s, u, s, out, 3w, s, 2w, enter, n, e, u, w, n, w, to get back to the Inner Corridor.

The supply room is 2w, 3n from the entrance. Open west door, and enter.

Now, <search electronics> and you will find a blank electronic form. This can be used to write a fake resignation letter for Mork Daeth that you can hand in to the Chancellor, but it will need to be forged first.

Go out, 3s, 3e, s, w, 2d, open door, pull cable, wear cloak, 2e.

There is a Perma-Swarm of bugs here that blocks the way east. You can <turn cloak> to chase them away, and then go east. Now <crawl corner> and you will be in a darkened corner where you will find a student forger. Give form to forger.

Daegid says: This looks legit.
Daegid says: I can easily make this e-form appear like the real deal.
Daegid says: Assuming you want me to forge the signature and have Instructor
 Sith tossed...
Daegid says: I don't work for free so I'll need _exactly_ 500 credits before
 I forge this.

Give 500 credits to forger. He will tell you that he is hungry and needs a stuffed taurill from the cafe. Actually, this is not the only item he wants before he agrees to help you, so you could just as well get them all at once...

Item Directions (from bays)
A Stuffed Taurill 2n, 2w, n, w, buy taurill
A Strawberry Milkshake 2n, 2w, n, w, buy milkshake
A Politician's Purge d, rent pod, pull 1, out, u, 4n, e, n, buy purge
A Gram of Herb's Herb d, rent pod, pull 2, out, u, 2s, w, s, buy herb

Give the items to the forger as prompted, and then he will finally forge the form for you.

Daegid pops the eform into a slot in its computer and begins typing.
After a moment, it pulls the eform out and admires the wording and the
Daegid says: Here you are. One legit-looking resignation letter.
Daegid drops the eform.
Daegid disappears behind a pile of crates.

This is the home-stretch. Get form, crawl vault, out, 2w, out, 2u, w, ignite fuse, drop firecracker.

Wait for the Falleen guard to arrive, then press button, steps, and <submit form>.

Chancellor Edenius takes the electronic form and begins reading.
Chancellor Edenius says: Oh, dear.  My best instructor has resigned.
Chancellor Edenius shakes his head sadly.
Chancellor Edenius sighs heavily.
Chancellor Edenius says: Well, sometimes it can be difficult to keep the
 best ones.
Chancellor Edenius says: It couldn't have been easy for you to deliver
 this letter, so I suppose I should pay you.

He reaches into his pocket and gives you 5,000 credits.

Chancellor Edenius says: Well, congratulations are in order, I suppose.
Chancellor Edenius says: You're now a graduate.
Chancellor Edenius says: I need to start the hiring process again.

He leaves muttering to himself about how hard it is to keep good people.

You feel more experienced for graduating Ladriz Global University!

That's it!

You completed the mission. Congratulations!

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