Ladriz - Toftsman's Stick (hs)

Points : 4
Other rewards :
Static : yes
Minimum level : 1
Authors : Pval
Last change : walkthrough published. Please supply detailed command instructions.
Last modified : 30112002




Edenp Illok, the Sullustan toftsman in the Ather City sewers, has lost his walking stick. He is rather upset about the whole ordeal... simply <volunteer help> and Illok will explain that a gangboy named Feech stole his walking stick. To solve this, go to Feech in Ather City and <ask feech about walking stick> or <ask feech about stick> and he will want 1000 credits for it. You can pay him 1000 credits and he'll give you the stick back. Return it to Illok in the sewers.

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