Pantolomin is the ultimate holiday paradise with a 5 star hotel. Areas are the elevator complex with bays, the city, the hotel and the beach / island area.

Inside the hotel there is a conference being held in the near future. However, the main speaker and attraction seems to have gone missing. Find the hotel manager and help him solve this mystery.

There isn't a lot of interesting equipment to get , but experience can be gained. Especially the Cyborg soldier near the bridge is a tough one and the drunks stumbling around are tougher than they seem as well. On the beach you will find people like yourself just having a nice time and if you are up for some exercise, why not take the boat that is accessible and row out to the little island with the lighthouse.

By boat you can also reach the reefs. On the far side of the beach a shuttle has crashed. The elevator complex has the playground on top, and near the cabs you can also find a space ship that can be entered if you find the access codes.