newbie - playgrounds

Subject: figuring out where to go

Beginning players will find many challenges on the MUD too dangerous
at first.  There are some planets that have specific areas for
introductory combat and interaction:

*Planet*         *Area*                   *Directions from Landingbay*

--Alderaan    : Farm (level 1-7)          read greeting
--Alderaan    : Ranch (level 8-14)        read greeting
--Altoran     : Campgrounds               n, read sign
--Apok_Darr   : Sankturi                  ride speeder
--Asylum      : Laser tag facility        2n, path
--Avenger     : Vent Play Area            s, sw, hatch
--Bastion     : Playground                2w
--Calir       : Maintenance Bay           d, s, u
--Crimson     : Playground                2s, exa sign
--Cruu        : Sewers                    n, e, d                   
--Dantooine   : Caves                     e, n, e, 2n, enter opening
--Devaron     : Nursery (level 3-7)       d, exit, sw, 6w, nw, 2n, 
                                          enter nursery
--Devaron     : Forest (level 8-14)       d, n, e, ne, 2e, se, 2e,
                                          enter forest
--Endor       : Platform Playground       2d, 4s, 4e, climb vine, u, s, 2u
--Honoghr     : Playground                4s, playground
--Ladriz      : Oak Tree                  2n, 5e, tree
--Lunaya      : HKL Garden                d, 2e, 2n, commute to hkl, se
--Pantolomin  : Creche                    d, 2s, enter transporter, 
                                          say second floor, out, n, e,
--Plymouth    : Cave                      n, e, n, enter 
--Prometheus  : Warehouse                 read sign
--Tatooine    : Pit of Carkoon            e, rent speedster
--Toloran     : Winterland(tm)            2e
--Triton      : Clubhouse                 w, d, se, 2n
--Tusbix      : Old Hospital              2s, e, 2ne, e, enter
--Vanagar     : Womprat Farm              d, 2s
--Ukio        : The Farm                  out, 6e, path, enclosure
--Wayland     : Playing Field             exa sign
--Zone        : Zone 2                    d, w, enter transporter 

Travel to some of these planets is available by traveling on
an automated ship, Dalcrynn, Insipid, Trifle, or Nihil. A 
display with the automated ship's destinations can be found
one level down from comcen.