Plymouth kills guide

This guide will give you hints on how to defeat tough monsters a little easier or which monsters are best suited for your level.

Big kills

Carthac Justicar: from Plymouth bays, s, w, 2s, e, d, 3e, 2s, kill or sneak past the dragon shaped crystalline creature, se, climb down, e, n. Here you will find the Justicar.
STATS: Level: ? - Hp: 1000 - Wc: 40 - Ac: 20 - $: ? - Align: ? - Max Damage: ?

To kill the dragon you will need to use a blaster/or melee weapon. Saber doesn't work... The Justicar is a somewhat interesting kill. He will sometimes spilt up in several Justicars (which hit with same strength), he might transfer you somewhere else, and sometimes he removes some of your armour (usually it drops on the floor). Specials do not work on him. You will get an adornment and a bracer killing Justicar.  A watch setter will help to check when he reverts back to one Justicar so its safe to go back.

Note: It is much, much safer to kill him if you have positive alignment, since one of his special attacks will punish players with very negative alignment severely... You have been warned!

Zom said:

  1. He will Steal/destroy your shield, also the next one you buy... and the
  2. Removes your helmet and drops it on the ground
  3. He will teleport you to different places (at least to; Forest, Sunstrider and a hut) and getting from these places (esp. Sunstrider takes some time. And every time he teleports you, you will loose about 100Hps.
  4. He steals all your Fps.
  5. You cant use beams on him.
  6. Specials don't work.
  7. He will uncharge your saber.
  8. He splits up to 4 mirror images of himself, which all start to hit you.
  9. He stops all fighting, declaring peace in the room (not too dangerous)

Also, according to my AC/WC scanner. his AC changes from 20 to 40 once in a while. and he might have stolen my money too... and my girlfriend I'm pretty sure... think I caught a glimpse of my grandmother in there too.

So you never get to fight him, there is always something else happening. Otherwise he doesn't hit awfully hard, just the teleports hurts bad or when he quadruples himself... but then there is the rest to deal with.

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